Here Is Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Which Prices $750 Instead Of Galaxy S8 Plus Of $850


The recently launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus by Samsung are here. They are making a great appeal for the mobile users for a place in their hands and pockets. However, you have to pick between one of them. The Galaxy old users and new users-to-be are ambiguous in deciding which model to buy. So, we thought of helping all those people. According to our recommendation, everyone should buy Samsung Galaxy S8 instead of premium version Galaxy S8 Plus. We will keep our points with you to support our claim.

Why We Are Suggesting That You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Instead Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Which Prices $750


Firstly, you need to understand these four main differences and key points between these two smartphones.

  1. Price
  2. Size
  3. Battery
  4. PPI


The price of Galaxy S8 is $750, and the premium Galaxy S8 Plus is going to cost you $850. Samsung has ditched every storage option except 64 GB. So, you have only one option, but it supports micro SD card as always which is expandable up to 256 GB.


The regular Galaxy S8 screen size is 5.8 inches, and the size of Galaxy S8 screen is 6.2 inches. According to many observers, the difference in screen size does not matter regarding their initial reactions.


The Galaxy S8 has non-removable 3000 mAh battery as it was in predecessor Galaxy S7. However, the Galaxy S8 Plus has only 3500 mAh battery. Interestingly, the Galaxy S7 Edge has 3600 mAh battery. So, it seems that Samsung had been extra careful in the making of Galaxy batteries.


The ppi (pixels per inch) of primary Galaxy S8 is 570 with 5.8 screen size. It is very sharp, better, and bigger than many smartphones in the market, even larger than iPhone 7 Plus. The Galaxy S8 Plus has ppi of 529 with its screen size of whopping 6.2 inches.

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So, these were our points to support our claim that why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S8. Each and everything is identical on both handsets, even features like Bixby, camera and even specs are similar. The battery difference is only 500 mAh, the screen size difference is only 4 inches, and smaller Galaxy S8 ppi is better than Galaxy S8 Plus. So, people does not need to spend extra $100 for Galaxy S8 Plus. You can enjoy the same things with smaller Galaxy S8 in just $750. Now, tell us what you think about our points? Do you agree or disagree with us? Must comment.