Survival Of Samsung Depends On Battery Life Of Galaxy S8


According to a survey in 2015, ‘Refugee’ was declared as the word of the year. If you do the same survey this year, then the term ‘battery’ will be on top 10 lists. It goes without saying that most used word in the smartphone market in 2016 is the battery. To be precise, we are expressing about the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Airlines prohibited passengers from bringing this phone after the different headlines in the newspapers and websites that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery is exploding. Later, Samsung recalls it after realizing that there is a defect in battery manufacturing and they explode because of overheat. In this article, we will discuss what Samsung should do to get rid of this and what will be the battery life of Galaxy S8.

Battery Life Of Galaxy S8


Battery life of Galaxy S8

Now Samsung has to rebuild the trust of its customers and maintain their goodwill in the smartphone market. Apart from packing the Samsung Galaxy S8 with features and specifications, they have to look more carefully at the upcoming Galaxy S8 batteries and other accessories before launching it.

This time, they do not have to compete only with the recently released OnePlus 3, iPhone 7, and Google Pixel. But it is about their survival, a big question and a pause for thought, imagine what will happen if Samsung Galaxy S8 battery explodes too?

According to the earlier news, some websites claimed that the battery of forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 would be 4200 mAh. Now if we look at GSMArena, they are expecting 3000 mAh battery only. Trusted Reviews still claiming 4200 mAh battery. For a clearer idea, let’s look at battery history of Samsung Galaxy S-series.

PredecessorsBattery mAh
Samsung Galaxy S73000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge3600
Samsung Galaxy S62550
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge2600

The history suggests that it will be at least 3600 mAh or more than that, with talk time up to one day or more and music play up to 62 hours or more. It will be non-removable Li-lon battery.