Samsung To Adopt Dual Lens Camera In Galaxy S8


The unpack ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S8 will take place next year on February 26, 2017. Then some people will claim that Samsung has copied the dual lens camera feature of iPhone 7 Plus. However, it has become de-rigeur these days, among the top smartphone companies. So, it makes sense and Samsung should add dual lens camera in Galaxy S8.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The South-Korean tech giant will release Galaxy S8 on 21st of April 2017.

Dual Lens Camera In Galaxy S8


Dual Lens Camera In Galaxy S8

Just for stating a fact that, LG V20 introduced the first dual lens camera feature, then Apple add this feature recently in iPhone 7 Plus. Next year, Galaxy S8 will have it, when they unpack the Samsung Galaxy S8 in launching ceremony on 26th of February 2017 ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) show in Barcelona, Spain.

We cannot say, how it will be different from V20 and iPhone 7 Plus and how it will function?  Albeit, it will probably offer the same zoom and wide lens approach.

The standard camera could perform generally, and the camera next to it will operate the zoom. The zoom will be up to 10x, and it will be 12 MP or more.

Samsung cannot take Galaxy S8 for granted after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. They are facing losses of billions and billion dollars. Other than dual lens camera, they could also introduce new home button, wireless audio, and built-in mini projector. The specifications could be Qualcomm Snap Dragon 830 processor, ARM’s Mali-G71 graphic chip, 3600 mAh or 4200 mAh non-removable Li-lon battery and 6 GB of RAM.

Moreover, the Micro SD card slot option could remain the same which can support up to 256 GB. They would restrict themselves from introducing 256 GB built-in storage like Apple launch in iPhone 7.

On the other hand, Samsung changing its strategy and they will release only one premium smartphone in 2017 and maybe they could ditch Galaxy Note altogether for coming years.