Samsung Offers Discount on Galaxy S8 For Galaxy Note 7 Users


According to the latest news from Korean Herald, Samsung is planning to give a discount on Galaxy S8 but for those who have bought the tainted Galaxy Note 7. The unnamed source told that Samsung might be thinking to offer a discount to quell the anger of Galaxy Note 7 owners who are displeased.

Samsung Offers Discount On Galaxy S8


Samsung Offers Discount on Galaxy S8

As it is in the news from many days that Samsung is offering incentives to decrease agitation among the Note 7 users. So, In the USA, Samsung Galaxy S8 users are getting $25 if they choose full refund and $25 also if they replace Note 7 with any other device other than Samsung. They are getting $100 if they want to replace their Note 7 with any other Samsung device.

Offering discount on forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could prove helpful in retaining the loyal fans of Samsung. It goes without saying, the Note 7 badly damage the stature of Samsung. According to some surveys, conducted in the USA, reports that Samsung displeased fans decided that they will never buy any Samsung Galaxy device again. This discount offer might help partially in reversing this trend.

After billions and billions of losses, Samsung, at last, stopped selling the tainted Note 7. It was referring as a bomb in your hands for 24 hours. Now, Samsung plan is to complete the recall phase by the end of 2016. However, many customers have yet to exchange the Galaxy Note 7 and some users still thinking to keep operating it.

At the moment, the report of discounts on upcoming Galaxy S8 is just a pinch of salt, and nothing is official yet.

So what are your thought about this move by Samsung? Can they get your enthusiasms and love back for Samsung with discounts on their forthcoming flagship?