Samsung In Talks With LG For The Batteries Of Galaxy S8


The South Korean tech giant may use LG batteries for its upcoming Galaxy S flagship. They stopped selling and producing Galaxy Note 7 phablets due to whole battery fiasco, which was exploding in the hands of the users. Now, the reports are coming that Samsung is in talks with LG for the batteries of Galaxy S8.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Plus will be released on 21st of April 2017.

Batteries Of Galaxy S8

Batteries Of Galaxy S8

Samsung is in talks with LG Company for the attainable partnership among them, to supply the batteries for their next generation smartphone. Currently, the sister company of Samsung named Samsung SDI, and Chinese battery makers, called ATL are the suppliers of Galaxy Note 7 batteries and Samsung uses their batteries on almost every smartphone. ADL supplied 30 percent of the batteries used in Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung SDI provided 70 percent batteries.


A Samsung executive told Maeil Business Newspaper, “We are looking for the diverse suppliers for Galaxy S8 batteries including the LG.”

Samsung, for the first time, announced a recall on 15th of September. According to the tittle-tattles, affected batteries were made by Samsung SDI. So, Samsung used ATL batteries when they exchanged the Note 7 with the customers but later those ATL batteries caught fire too.

Samsung received more than 90 complaints about the overheating of Note 7 batteries in the US  and 20 plus new complaints since the recall. They received 13 complaints of burns and 46 reports of stuff damage associated with Galaxy Note 7.

The fire incidents and complaints continued to emerge, and Samsung had to stop selling and producing Note 7 permanently.

The unpacked ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be in February 2017. However, Sources said that the negotiations are going on between Samsung and LG. It was speculated that Samsung wants to go with LG batteries after the recall. Samsung also uses camera models of LG group named LG Innotek in its smartphones.