Samsung Galaxy S8 Video – Concept, Rumors and Updates


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is presumed to be quick responding with 8 GB RAM which will make it a smartphone providing PC into your hands. Such an outstanding RAM will make multi-tasking much more remarkable. It will have a good Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor (expected-to-be) which validates the exceptional processing rate it is going to bring for readers. The Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smartphone operating on a 64-bit Exynos processor. Talking more about its speed, it will have a 3.5 Ghz GET force driving functionality. Observing such incredible features of S8, we can ensure that the Galaxy S8 is going to be amazing. You can have a glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy S8 video below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Video

Samsung Galaxy S8 Video

Aesthetically this Samsung Galaxy S8 video is based on the fantastic concept design. Samsung’s versatile OLED is the incomplete result, and the entire metal frame is curved too, giving the device an appearance that’s somehow natural and futuristic at the same time.


The concept also adds an integrated projector, which seems packed into the rear-facing flash module. We’re not sure if that is possible to have or not. However, it’s quite impressive to consider. The fingerprint scanner appears to have relocated to the back of the device, potentially due to the lack of space in front.

Lastly, the designer decided to ditch the charging port for the Galaxy S8. Rather, the device depends on wireless charging totally. Once again, this sounds more like sci-fi than reality. However, it’s still enjoyable to picture it could be happening or not.

Among the most notable physical aspects of this concept, the image is the hardly visible bezels on either side of the screen. It is visible that there is an enhancing propensity in, not only the smartphone industry but the customer electronics niche as a whole, to slim down bezels. Samsung’s range of high-end tv is noteworthy for having barely any bezels at all, with the once strong Samsung branding that would have to emerge on the exterior now only just visible.

Also, the front camera unit in this Galaxy S8 concept is rather small, and it seems that the rear camera flash is omitted from the device totally. These renders provide a new cup of a few of the design aspects that Samsung could presently be considering for the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Talking more about the speculated improvement in VR content, a BGR report also recommends that the S8 might get a 5.5-inch Ultra-High Definition 4K screen with 806 ppm of pixel density. On a screen of that size, you can not differentiate in between 4K and 2K. Looking at Google’s enhanced interest in Android-based VR that was evident at the Google I/O 2016 and Samsung’s success with Gear VR, it would be safe to say that the company wants to grow itself as a leader in the VR market. The 4K screen will help Samsung supply better VR content in ultra high quality, so yes, it would be an excellent idea.