Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Updates – Display, Design, Software & Hardware


Galaxy S8 Specs Updates will always be in the rumors. As it will be released in 2017, then it’s possible they will spread quickly by the end of this year. That does not mean we should not begin speculation about it. However, here is what we hope to see and what we believe may appear on Samsung’s 2017 flagship.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The latest update is that Galaxy S8 will be released on 21st of April 2017.

The S7 has a 5.1-inch size while the S7 edge has a 5.5-inch size and we would not expect this to change for the S8, a minimum of not by much. We may see the screen to body ratios slightly enhance. If relating to the size, we would anticipate it to be similar to S7 and S7 edge, assuming two handsets are going to get announce. The resolution might get even enhanced. With VR ending up being growing in number to its accessibility, higher resolution screens are more crucial.

Galaxy S8 Specs Updates

Let’s just hope that if the resolution gets improve for the S8 and S8 edge that battery life would not get compromised.

Some improvements were made, consisting of minimizing the rear camera bump compared to S6. However, the new flagships are same on the outlook.
We ‘d anticipate that Samsung Galaxy S8 will change things up in its design compared to S7 and S7 Edge did.
Enhancements in the audio are due Galaxy S8 and S8 edge. We ‘d like to see the S8 lose a little weight, and it would be entertaining to see what all metal model would provide compared to metal and glass.


Galaxy S8 and the S8 edge will be assigned powerful and faster processor will indeed show an increase in RAM. The Samsung Note 6 is rumored to be having 6GB of RAM, so perhaps the same will obtain the S8. A larger battery capacity is something we can welcome. Even if the capability itself isn’t improved for the S8 and S8 edge, we ‘d like to see software enhancements to help with power management. Samsung already does an excellent task. However, it can constantly get better when it comes to battery life. Galaxy S8 Specs Updates

There are some useful features with TouchWiz. However, we would still prefer to see some more improvement for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge.
Vanilla Android will probably never take place, but it would be terrific to see the best of TouchWiz on top Android experience. HTC released its latest flagship with an upgraded version of Sense over Android. It works well, providing a cleaner experience with less duplication. We ‘d like to see Samsung do this too for its next flagships. Galaxy S8 Specs Updates are different and unique from other Samsung’s smartphones.