Samsung Galaxy S8 OS – Android O or Android N, What To Expect?


Samsung Galaxy S8 OS will most likely launch before the next version of Android– Android O?– is announced. That suggests that it’s more than liable to arrive with Android N on board.

Samsung Galaxy S8 OS

Luckily, we already know plenty about Android N, as the designer preview is currently available to use. The complete version isn’t expected to appear on phones up until later in 2016, and we must find out more about this settled version at this month’s Google I/O developer conference.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Software


So what’s new in Android N? Perhaps the most significant enhancement is the ability to use apps in split-screen mode. However, Samsung already provides this feature in its TouchWiz skin– the software Samsung overlays onto Google’s Android OS. However, there are other new perks, like alerts, tracking, a flattering ‘product design’ visual, and battery life enhancements.

Also, another exciting news is the impending launch of Google’s Android Pay. Apple Pay was introduced months back, so iPhone users will be well utilized to paying for things contactless with their mobile phones. But Android Pay hasn’t shown up in the UK yet– a launch later on this month is rumored.

If the rumors of an imminent launch hold true, it implies the Galaxy S8 will support contactless payments. That presumes the Galaxy S8 will feature an NFC chip, which is also jolly good.

There are some useful features in TouchWiz, but we would still prefer to see some more polish for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge.

Vanilla Android will most likely never take place, and that’s ok. However, it would be terrific to see the best of TouchWiz on top of a nearly pure Android experience. HTC released its latest flagship with a fine-tuned version of Sense over Android, and it works well, providing a cleaner experience with less duplication. We’d like to see Samsung do this too for its next flagships.