14 Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors That Might Come True!


We all know that the year 2017 is huge for Samsung as they are debuting with Galaxy S8 after the disaster of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has already applied for the name ‘Galaxy S8’ in US Patent and Trademark Office according to the sources. So, as the title already suggested, we will talk about 14 Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors that might come true.

Before that, we must tell you that the next generation smartphone has a lack of consensus if we talk about its release date. We confirmed from our reliable sources that Samsung would release Galaxy S8 in the third week of April and the date could be 15th or 18th of April. However, we are not sure but Samsung may host the launching event on 29th of March, but the release date in the market will remain 3rd week of April.

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14 Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors That Might Come True!

12 Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors That Might Come True

So, without wasting any time let’s jump towards the 14 Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors that might come true.

Name And Models – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung will launch two variants of Galaxy S8. One of them will be just called ‘Samsung Galaxy S8’. The second model has some confusion about its moniker, and it could be called ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge’ or ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus’.

Storage – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung will retain the space options of Galaxy S7, and the users of Galaxy S8 will have options of 64 GB and 128 GB. It goes without saying that it will support Micro SD card slot which can support mammoth 256 GB.

Screen Size – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

We are not sure, but GSM Arena is predicting that Galaxy S8 would have 5.7 inches of screen and Galaxy S8 Edge/Plus would have a massive screen of 6.2 inches.

However, Korea Herald is predicting 5.1 and 5.5 inches screen for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge/Plus respectively.

RAM – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

The latest rumors are indicating that Galaxy S8 may feature 8 GB of Random Access Memory – RAM. To be honest, you cannot call it a rumor but a leak from the Ice Universe. According to their tweet, Galaxy S8 will feature a large RAM of 8 GB.

Design – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

According to the Korea Herald, both variants will feature a curved screen, and even the primary model would not have the flat screen.

On the contrary, SamMobile claims that Samsung primary model will have a flat screen as always.

Absent Home Button – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

We have covered detail news about the ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images’ and those pictures rendering that Galaxy S8 would not have a physical home button. It could be embedded underneath the front glass panel.

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Dual-Lens Camera – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

It is still not hundred percent confirmed whether Samsung would follow the steps of iPhone 7 by introducing the dual-lens camera or not but according to ET News, Samsung will introduce dual-lens back camera and one of them would be of 16 megapixels and second would be of 8 megapixels. Whereas, Weibo claims that Galaxy S8 would have 13 and 12-megapixel sensors.


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Front Facing Camera – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

As per the story by ET News, Samsung will add the fast auto-focus feature of Galaxy S7 on the front camera of Galaxy S8. The feature allows the user to take the selfies faster without tapping on the display to focus.

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Powerful Processors – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Earlier rumors were suggesting that Samsung will use a new processor chip and it would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830. The latest rumors are claiming Snapdragon 835 processor. Though Qualcomm’s processors are only for US models and outside the US, Samsung will use its own Exynos Chip.

Samsung’s New AI – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

The new Samsung AI will be called ‘Bixby.’ Samsung is ready to give completion to smart assistants already present in the market such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

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Absent Headphone Jack – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung Might Launch Galaxy S8 Wireless Earbuds

From the very start of Galaxy S8 rumors, we heard that Samsung might ditch the headphone jack. A few days ago we did a story that Samsung is ready to introduce wireless earbuds, and the latest rumors are also encouraging everything about no headphone jack.

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Android Version – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature Android Nougat 7.0 or above. The biggest improvement with Android Nougat is its split-screen mode.

USB-C Instead Of MicroUSB – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung introduced USB-C in Galaxy Note 7. It has become the new standard, and gradually it is replacing the microUSB for data transfer and charging. It charges the device more quickly than the traditional microUSB. So, Samsung might introduce USB-C in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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Two High-end Dual Speakers – Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

The Galaxy S8 might feature dual speakers and Harman is making the high-end dual speakers for Samsung. As of now, it is not certain whether Samsung will feature the dual speakers or not.

Synopsis – Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

So, these were some rumors which have got high chances to feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. However, they are only 14 right now, but we will keep updating it till the release of Samsung Galaxy S8. Stay tuned with ‘GALAXYS8.US‘ for latest news and updates about Samsung Galaxy S8.