Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In India


India is one of the tops and biggest markets when it comes to smartphone users. In 2017, the index will touch 314 million users mark, which will make India the third country with most smartphone users. In this article, we will share the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date in India.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In India

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In India

Samsung has not officially announced the launch event date, but the most speculated release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the news is 26th of February, 2017. It would not be launched in India from the very first day. They have to wait for a short period.

If we look at the history of release date, The launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 was on 11th of March 2017, and it was released all over India on 18th of March, 2017.


By looking at the previous release date, we can predict that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched on 3rd or 4rth of March 2017. The difference is only one week.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) Due to uncertain reasons, Samsung has delayed the release date and now it is 21st of April 2017. However, they will release Galaxy S8 in the first week of May in India.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In India

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost you around 60,150 Indian rupees and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you approximately 66,830 Indian rupees, these prices are for 32 GB storage only.

The 64 GB and 128 will cost you more than 32 GB storage. So, do not be confused because the price varies because of a different storage and model.

The list given below comprises of entry-level Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, with their storage options. This table will make everything crystal clear for you.

ModelStoragePrice In India
Samsung Galaxy S832 GB60,150
Samsung Galaxy S864 GB66,830
Samsung Galaxy S8128 GB73500
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge32 GB66,830
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge64 GB73500
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge128 GB80200