Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In Europe


The release date of Samsung Galaxy is a few months away, but it already becomes the talk of the town. People from different countries wants to know the release date of Samsung next generation smartphone. So, we thought of covering many countries in one place. So, we will share the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date in Europe with our dear readers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In Europe

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date In Europe

Galaxy S8 is going to be release in the first quarter of the next year. The actual date is not 100 percent confirmed yet by any Samsung official. But the speculation suggests that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released on 26th of February, 2015.

There are almost 50 countries in the continent of Europe. But there are only some countries where Samsung will be launched on the official release date. Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 gradually in the whole Europe and worldwide.


Europe is not the biggest continent, but Samsung revenue generation is massive from this continent. Most of the people think that Euro is the currency of the whole Europe. But England uses Pound currency. Only 19 countries of the Europe use Euro as their currency. Those 19 countries include prominent countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Spain, and others.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The Samsung Galaxy S8 confirmed release date is 21st of April 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Europe

The starting price of the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S8 would be €798.40, and premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge would cost €887.11. The price is somewhat higher than anticipated, but we all know that every successor is greater in price than its predecessor.

Maybe the official price will be less than it because manufacturers like iPhone and LG are offering almost same stuff at much lesser price. Perhaps, the fans turn to another brand if the price remains this much high.

But Samsung is coming up with some incredible features and specifications that would make it worth experiencing and buying. Some loyal fans do not care about the price.

Samsung Galaxy S832 GB€798.40
Samsung Galaxy S864 GB€887.11
Samsung Galaxy S8128 GB€975.83
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge32 GB€887.11
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge64 GB€975.83
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge128 GB€1064.54