Samsung Galaxy S8 RAM Will Be 6GB With A Dual Curved Screen


We did hear about an assumed 4K screen on the device a couple of days back; that appears to be the only piece of info so far if you didn’t hear about today’s leak. Now, Samsung’s supply chain specialists in Asia have finally started to open up on the Galaxy S8, and by today’s preliminary look, the tech giant seems to have some intriguing points in mind w.r.t its flagship mobile phone. Apart from seeing the 4K claim repeated today, the Galaxy S8 RAM could be 6GB, a spec that’s currently been rumored for the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung did recently launch its new, 10nm 6GB DRAM modules and the company appears to be quite excited to bring them on its flagship devices.

Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S8 RAM Will Be 6GB?

In addition to a 4K screen and 6GB of RAM, today’s sources are also declaring that not just Galaxy S8 will be coming with dual edge screen, but also will have an enhanced Radian. This should accommodate both the edges with more specification when accommodating different features and combined with the device’s other performance specs should manage to revamp the Galaxy S8 by quite a bit. While the same sources are also declaring a bendable screen for the smartphone, we’d take that with a healthy grain of salt in the meantime, mainly because only good eight months are left until the Galaxy S8 lastly does strike the shelves.


Galaxy S8 RAM

Samsung has already shown off a 5.5 inch, 4K AMOLED screen, so when it concerns the technology. The Korean tech does have the resources. On the hardware, we are expecting the Snapdragon 830 making it on the Galaxy S8, which should provide the device with several vital performance upgrades. These range from 4Kx2K recording, support for LPDDR4X memory, enhanced clock speeds for the Kryo cores and enhanced basebands. News related to the Galaxy S8 will raise after Samsung’s done with the Note 7 this September.