Samsung Galaxy S8 Production Process To Make 12 Million Units!


If we take a look at the leaks and rumors of Galaxy S8, we can surely say that it will be a good device. Maybe the best device of 2017 until Apple has not iPhone 8. We can compare it later, but right now we can brag that it will be the best smartphone in the world. We are not biased here because there are a few specifications and features are coming in Galaxy S8, which we have not seen in any other mobile phone, such as giant processor Snapdragon 835. The launch date is expected this month on 29th, and Samsung Galaxy S8 production process is in full swing mass-produce 12 million units of Galaxy S8.

12 Million Units Will Be Manufactured In Samsung Galaxy S8 Production Process

Samsung Galaxy S8 Production


The report published on Korean site suggests that Samsung has begun mass production of Galaxy S8 and mass production is consist of 12 million units. The production is going on in Vietnam. The report also indicates that Samsung is going produce 4.7 million units in March and 7.8 million units in the month of April 2017.

The Galaxy Note 7 proved a disaster and the market reputation and survival of Samsung depends on upcoming Galaxy S8. It has been a year since Samsung launches its proper flagship mobile phone. Samsung looks optimistic after delaying the release of Galaxy S8 which was expected during the MWC event.

Samsung is looking to release Galaxy S8 in many countries as much they could on 21st of April, which is the international release date.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 Edge variants were quite popular among the customers, and they were outsold. However, the primary models without edges were not as successful as the edge variants were.

So, the launch date is 29th of March 2017, and the release date is 21st of 2017. Stay tuned with us to get every Galaxy S8 news.