Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On Verizon Wireless


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 have been launched on 29th of March 2017. Our readers have many questions related to the Galaxy S8 release date, price and pre-orders. However, the most asking query is about Galaxy S8 price on Verizon Wireless.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the number one carrier in the US for the 7th time in a row. We thought, why not answer these questions on the one place. So, we will provide you in depth info about the Galaxy S8 Verizon in this article.

Price Without Contract On Verizon Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two variants. One will be primary Galaxy S8 and the second will be Galaxy S8 Plus instead of Galaxy S8 Edge. Samsung featuring edge to edge design in both models this time, so it does not need to name ‘Edge’ specifically.

The price of Galaxy S8 will be $850, and Galaxy S8 Plus will cost you $950 only. Samsung is coming with an all-screen display, narrow bezels, and many incredible features. In this process, its price has been increased at least $100 for both models.

Plans And Packages On Verizon Wireless

Now, you know about the price of Galaxy S8. Let’s talk about price and packages of Galaxy S8 on Verizon Wireless. Verizon is providing five different plans for their new and old customers. The packages are listed below.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • 5 GB
  • Large
  • Unlimited

Verizon Wireless Small

The Small package is consist of 2 GB. It will cost you $35/month with taxes and fees. In this plan, you can get unlimited text and call, carryover data. You can also boost your data with 1 GB by spending $15.

Verizon Wireless Medium

The Medium package has everything Small bundle has, like unlimited texts, call and carryover data. However, it gives you 4 GB and cost you $50 per month with taxes.

Verizon Wireless 5 GB

This 5 GB plan will cost you $40 per month. You can share your data with additional two other devices. The texts and call are unlimited, along with carryover data.

Verizon Wireless Large

The Large bundle will offer you 8 GB for the cost of $70 per month. You can enjoy unlimited texts and calls. The interesting thing about these packages is the carryover data. For instance, if you do not avail the 8 GB data in one month, then you can carry the remaining data for the next month every time.

Verizon Wireless Unlimited

The Unlimited package will cost you $80/month. You can enjoy unlimited data with no limits of talk & text. The plan also includes HD video streaming. The Verizon Wireless is also providing unlimited package services in Mexico and Canada as well.


Price With Contract on Verizon Wireless

Above mention, plans are for both single and multiple devices. The Small, Medium, Large, and Unlimited packages are for multiple devices. However, when you buy a single smartphone, Verizon will offer you only 5 GB and Unlimited package only. So, we will tell you about the single device packages, plans, and their total. You will get the idea of purchasing multiple devices through the table. The Galaxy S8 price on Verizon Wireless is given below.

ModelStoragePriceMonthly InstallmentPlanTotal
Galaxy S864 GB$850$35.415 GB – $40/month

Unlimited – $80/month



Galaxy S8128 GB$950$39.585 GB – $40/month

Unlimited –$80/month



Galaxy S8 Plus64 GB$950$39.585 GB – $40/month

Unlimited –$80/month



Galaxy S8 Plus128 GB$1050$43.755 GB – $40/month

Unlimited –$80/month



Pre-Orders Of Galaxy S8 On Verizon Wireless

Pre-Orders Of Galaxy S8 On Verizon

There are two simple methods of pre-ordering Galaxy S8 on Verizon. One is monthly installment and the second one is a retail method.

The monthly installment package is consist of 24 months. So, Galaxy S8 will cost you 35.41 per month. The Galaxy S8 Plus will cost you 39.58 per month.

If you do not want to entangle yourself in monthly installments, then you can easily purchase Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus by giving $850 or $950.

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Galaxy S8 Release Date on Verizon

The release date of Galaxy S8 is 21st April 2017. However, Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 on 29th of March, and we can expect the Galaxy S8 availability on Verizon Wireless onwards from 7th of April.


So, this was our article about Galaxy S8 price on Verizon Wireless. You can ask your queries by leaving us a comment in the comment box below.