Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On Sprint


It is official now. The Galaxy S8 has been launched. Now the most asking question among the customers is the price, release date and pre-orders of Galaxy S8. So, as we all know, Sprint is the top most cellular carrier in the US. The new and current users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 price on Sprint along with release date and pre-orders.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On Sprint

Price Without Contract On Sprint

There are two options for Galaxy fans. One is basic Galaxy S8 and second is Galaxy S8 Plus.

The Galaxy S8 will cost you $860, and for Galaxy S8 Plus you have to spend $960. The Galaxy S8 is $100 expensive than its predecessor because of its new design and features.

Plans And Packages On Sprint

You can get unlimited data usage with the Unlimited Freedom plan. The cost of Galaxy S8 Sprint Unlimited Package is $50 per month. You can stream HD videos at 1080p, play games at 8 Mbps, and listen to music at 1.5 Mbps in just $50.


Price With Contract on Sprint

ModelStoragePriceMonthly InstallmentPlanTotal
Galaxy S864 GB$860$35.83Unlimited – $50/month$85.83
Galaxy S8128 GB$960$40Unlimited –$50/month$90
Galaxy S8 Plus64 GB$960$40Unlimited –$50/month$90
Galaxy S8 Plus128 GB$1060$44.16Unlimited –$50/month$94.16

Pre-Orders Of Galaxy S8 On Sprint

The Galaxy S8 pre-orders on Sprint are starting from 10th of April till 17th of April 2017. You should pre-order as soon as possible because Samsung and Sprint are giving free wireless chargers, free VR gear, and free micro SD card if you pre-order through Sprint.

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Galaxy S8 Release Date on Sprint

We already told you above about the launch date which is 29th of March. The release date of Galaxy S8 is going to be 21st of April 2017.


So, this was our article about the Sprint price, release date, and pre-orders. If you still have any queries, then you can simply leave us a comment below.