Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On AT&T


The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to launch this week on 29th of March 2017. Many readers have queries about the Galaxy S8 price, pre-orders, and release date. However, the most asking question from the readers is about the Galaxy S8 price on AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price On AT&T AT&T is the top cellular carrier in the US. So, we thought why should not we answer all these questions on one place. So, in this article, you will get in-depth information about the Galaxy S8 AT&T.

Price Without Contract On AT&T

The Galaxy S8 will come in two options. The basic Galaxy S8 and premium Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung will dub Galaxy S8 Plus instead of Galaxy S8 Edge. The reason for this change in name is because Samsung is featuring double edge curve design in both variants this time.

The cost of Galaxy S8 will be $860, and Galaxy S8 Plus price is going to be $960 only. The cost has been increased at least $100 for each model because Samsung is coming with narrow bezels, all screen display, and many incredible features.


Plans And Packages On AT&T

The AT&T is offering ‘AT&T Unlimited Choice’ method for its new and current customers. It will cost $60 per month. You will get a maximum speed of 3 Mbps in this package. The call and text are unlimited. The data is unlimited, but after 22 GB of data usage, the internet may slow down.

Price With Contract on AT&T

ModelStoragePriceMonthly InstallmentPlanTotal
Galaxy S864 GB$860$35.83Unlimited – $60/month$95.83
Galaxy S8128 GB$960$40Unlimited –$60/month$100
Galaxy S8 Plus64 GB$960$40Unlimited –$60/month$100
Galaxy S8 Plus128 GB$1060$44.16Unlimited –$60/month$104.16

Pre-Orders Of Galaxy S8 On AT&T

There are two easy and simple ways to pre-order Galaxy S8 on AT&T. The first one is ‘AT&T Next 24,’ and the other is ‘Full Payment.’

The AT&T Next 24 method is consist of two years. It means that you have to pay 35.83 per month. The premium Galaxy S8 Plus cost is $40 per month.

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So, this was our all in one about the Galaxy S8 AT&T. If you have any queries regarding AT&T, then you can leave us a comment, and we will respond you quickly. You can also check our article on Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date On AT&T.