All The Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images At One Place!


As soon as the Galaxy S series enthusiasts start counting the remaining days left on the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8, which was expected to be released on 26th of February 2017 but the news came about a delay in the release. Now, the launching ceremony will take place on 29th of March in New York, US. Previously it was expected to be launch in Barcelona, Spain. So, you just have to a month more to get your hands on the Galaxy S8 because as the Turkish proverbs say, patience is the key to paradise. Though, readers should not be sad about it because we have compiled some exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images in our article you haven’t seen anywhere else. It could be the authentic pictures as various top sites covered it as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Update 11 (March 10, 2017): Yet another leaked photo claims to show both Galaxy S8 phones.  The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images are from Slash Leaks. We can see both hotly anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in the image.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

According to the Slash Leaks, the phone comes from the unknown “screen protector manufacturer.” We can take this claim with just a pinch of salt.

However, the phone is portraying everything we hear about the Galaxy S8. The bezels are tiny, no home button or fingerprint scanner on the front. As per the news, Galaxy S8 will have a rear fingerprint scanner.

The notable thing is the sheer size of these devices. The Galaxy S8 is going to have 5.8-inch, and Galaxy S8 Plus will have inch 6.2-inch display.

Update 10 (March 2, 2017): We all know that Samsung has not unveiled the Galaxy S8 during the MWC event but BGR claiming that they have done it.

All The Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images At One Place!

Over the past few months, we have seen a barrage of rumors and leaks focused on upcoming flagship by Samsung. The Galaxy S8 and premium Galaxy S8 Plus are the most hotly anticipated smartphones all around the world right now.

We have seen a lot of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images on Chinese and other forums. BGR claims that they have obtained the original Galaxy S8 and all those previous leaks were render. There was nothing like the real thing.

They leaked some pictures and claiming it to be the primary version of Galaxy S8. However, both phones almost resemble with each other.

The most interesting thing about the Galaxy S8 is the 3.5 mm headphone jack which is still present along with speakers and USB Type-C port underneath the phone.

The bottom and top bezels are narrow with no home button as expected by everyone. The home and volume buttons are there, including one more button. The extra button could be AI Bixby.

All The Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images At One Place

Update 9 (March 1, 2017): Another Samsung Galaxy S8 image has been leaked. However, this time the image looks an original picture of the Galaxy S8.

Evan Blass, who is a professional and prominent spoiler of the smartphone secrets is now back with his leaks after a couple of days break. His previous leaks are mostly accurate.

The image 100% resembles with the Samsung Galaxy S8 teaser at MWC with minimal front bezels. The image shows no home buttons at the bottom but a few sensors and front camera on the top.

On the right side, we can see the power button. On the left side, we can see volume buttons. The interesting thing about the right side is that apart from volume buttons we can see one more button as well. It could be artificial intelligence button called Bixby


Update 8 (February 21, 2017): The Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images are consistent with the rumors around the internet. A series of new leaked images appeared online by the prominent leaker Benjamin Geskin.

As you can see, the Galaxy S8 does not have a physical home button or any other button, which means that fingerprint scanner is rear.

You can also see that the device has curved screens and extremely narrow bezels as per the rumors going around.  If we look closely, we can also see a 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB Type-C port, and a speaker.

The device looks beautiful and quite different from its predecessors. The small bezels and curved screen making its look unique.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images You Haven't Seen Anywhere!
Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Update 7 (February 8, 2017): These days the web is full of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images and renders based on rumors. But, recently a leaked photo of Samsung S8 surfaces in the market which seems to be a fully functional prototype of Samsung S8 phone. It was found on Weibo, and only bottom half of the device can be seen in this picture. You can also notice that there is no home button in this like Samsung use to feature in old Galaxy devices.

samsung galaxy s8 leaked photo

Anyhow, it is still difficult to declare that if it is an original Samsung Galaxy s8 leak or not. But it does matches with some of the previous photo leaks which are mentioned in this story below. You can still see the 3.5 mm jack on the bottom of the phone whereas it was a rumor whether Samsung will feature the conventional headphone jack or might remove it. The release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and its successor phone is still undeclared, but expectedly it might surface in late March. If the galaxy s8 leaked images available on this page contains even a single percent of truth in it, then it is evident that we are going to see some more similar images in coming weeks.

Update 6 (January 26, 2017): We are here again with the latest update about the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images. According to Evan Blass, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could be launch on 29th of March. Evan Blass is a tech writer who is known for his reliable leaks of the future products.

The fingerprint sensor is relocated; otherwise, the back of the smartphone is quite similar to Galaxy S7. The front of the device is entirely different if we compare it with the Samsung’s radical design.

The physical home button is gone, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and USB Type-C. If we look at the back of the smartphone, then there is only single lens camera which is notable.

Update 6 (January 26, 2017):  Previously we have given you several updates about the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images. However, the latest pictures rendered by the designer Kingway Lee is the most stunning Galaxy S8 we have seen so far.


He gathered all the latest rumors and news and created these following renders. The Galaxy S8 somewhat looks like its predecessor with some notable differences.

The bezels from top and bottom are significantly reduced as we have seen in previously leaked images. It gives more room for the manufacturers of Galaxy S8 for the edge to edge display. We can also look at the front camera, various sensors, speaker, and iris scanner at the top of the display. There is no physical home button on the bottom of the screen. Interestingly, not even a logo of Samsung on the front of the smartphone.

Furthermore, on the back of the phone, there is single lens camera and heart rate sensor. We can also see the button on the side of the Galaxy S8 which could be the dedicated button for Bixby virtual assistant. We can also look at the 3.5 mm headphone jack, speaker, and USB-C port.

In the end, these pictures are not official by Samsung, the renderers are just aligning with the rumors and news we have heard so far, but they are stunning.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Update 5 (January 19, 2017):  As we are getting closer and closer to the release date of Galaxy, more and more leaks of Galaxy S8 keep turning up. So, the latest leak in Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images is the picture surfaced on Twitter.

The picture shows Galaxy S8 glass panel, and if it is the glass panel, then it might confirm some of the earlier speculations that it would have an edge to edge display with no home button and thin bezels.

The tweet published on Monday and English Media picked it on Thursday. The pictures are sourced from Chinese screen protector supplier. DforDesign is the one who tweets it and claimed that their source has never been wrong before.

Will the Galaxy S8 have thin bezels? Will Samsung finally killed the home button? These questions might be answered at the launching ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Update 4 (January 12, 2017):  The train of Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors is at its peak as we can witness leaked images every other on the internet. The South Korean tech giant has managed to generate an acceptable degree of buzz about the forthcoming Galaxy S8.

We are updating our Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images story as yet another leak giving us dubious but more legit look at the smartphone.

The image has obtained by the BGR, and the story explains on the site that the picture is developed by the third-party render and this time it is not by any designer or Twitter user but interestingly by smartphone case manufacturer Ghostek. They are popular among the smartphone users for their Galaxy and iPhone accessories.

So, the image is showing Galaxy S8 covered in a waterproof case of Ghostek.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Credit: BGR / Ghostek

The image is rendering the dubious rumors such as no home button and edge to edge screen with thin bezels.

We cannot say anything hundred percent correct because your guess is as good as ours and we can take it with just a grain of salt.

The latest news is suggesting that Samsung will release few batches of Galaxy S8 during the MWC event then they will go completely on sale from 18th of April 2017.

Update 3 (January 10, 2017): We have got a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images. The new look briefly appeared on the Weibo, which is also known as leaker’s platform. We will not surprise if Samsung comes with an accurate design like this because it fits well with the current Galaxy S7 Edge.

We know that there are not many consensuses among various rumors of Galaxy S8, but everyone is portraying Galaxy S8 with a thin top and bottom bezels and without any home button. If you are wondering what would happen if there is no button, then we must tell you that the fingerprint is built into the glass and it will function as your home button.

We are not sure about the screen size because rumors are predicting 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches screen of forthcoming Galaxy S8. Whereas, this image shows us same size as Galaxy S7 Edge has.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Update 2 (January 6, 2017): We have got another leaked image, it can be one of the prototypes, and it can be a fake picture too. It was posted on Weibo, and the image aligns with the numerous reports and rumors we have so far.

As the rumors were suggesting, it has a curved display too although it takes much more portion than the above pictures we have cover.

There is no home button as the rumors were indicating about no physical buttons. However, the top and the bottom bezels are taking much more place than the above leak images we have seen. The sensors, front camera, and speaker can be seen on top bezel and we Samsung logo on the bottom bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Update (January 4, 2017):  Mr. Geskin has come up with yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images. We cannot call it leaked image, he is just rendering the Galaxy S8 design based on rumors and as we talk above, talking about it is different and seeing it in a picture is different.

He published the pictures on his Twitter account. So, according to the latest rendered design, Samsung has ditched the physical home button, and replace with on-screen virtual buttons. It has an edge to edge display too, and the bezels are very thin on top and bottom of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

The Very First Galaxy S8 Photo Leak!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images(December 31st, 2016) We already told you about the expected features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8 in our different stories. However, talking about it is one thing and visualized them by seeing it is another.

So, the above image was posted by Twitter user Veniamin Geskin, and he designs different mock-ups of Apple and Samsung smartphone.

According to the picture given above, the display has occupied the most of the screen, almost ninety percent. It looks bezel free from sides, and if we talk about top and bottom bezels, then they are very thin too. The device has curved on both sides.

Moreover, the image shows that Samsung would kill the home button in Galaxy S8 by embedding the fingerprint scanner underneath the screen. Sounds cool? But will it resemble or appear to be the same when Galaxy S8 comes?

To be honest, it looks amazing and accurate too. However, we can take it with just a pinch of salt because nothing is official yet and we have to wait until April.