How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues Facing By The Users


The recently released Galaxy S8 lineup is off to a great start, but it is not perfect neither without issues. So, we have identified most common Galaxy S8 issues people are facing and how we can fix them.

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The South Korean tech giant Samsung has put a lot of effort into the Galaxy S8 smartphones after the fiery Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Undoubtedly, both Galaxy S8 models are top-notch. However, users are experiencing some issues. So check out the most common Galaxy S8 problems with their solutions.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues Facing By The Users And How To Fix Them

Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues Facing By The Users And How To Fix Them


Samsung Galaxy S8 Red Tint

Many of the Galaxy S8 users complained about the reddish tints on the screen, and in the beginning, Samsung said that it is not a manufacturing defect. Later, Samsung decided to do a software update to address the issue.

The problem is not critical, and it can be solved quickly. You can easily tweak the color settings from smartphone settings. However, Samsung will also come with a software update soon to fix this issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Issues

Galaxy S8 users also complained about the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The Wi-Fi would randomly drop out of the blue and reconnect automatically for no reason.

You can easily solve this issue manually, Go to Settings > Backup > Reset Network Settings. Samsung said that it would also release a software update to fix handset communication with wireless networks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Apps Freeze

The Galaxy S8 freezes in some cases. The home button and other keys become unresponsive. The easiest and fastest way to fix this problem in most cases is a soft reset. How to do it? Just press the power button then restart the phone. If would repair the issue and if this trick it does not help, then power on the device after powering it off could do the trick.

So, if you have experienced any of these problems then fix them with these tricks. Or you can tell us about other issues you are facing with your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus by leaving us a comment below.

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