Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Strong Enough To Run Windows 10


The latest flagship Galaxy S8 by Samsung has come with a very powerful processor. Galaxy S8 is strong enough to run Windows 10. Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung has been trying their best to get back their market share. It was launched on 29th of March 2017 and already hit the stores from 21st of April.

The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Strong Enough To Run Windows 10

Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Strong Enough To Run Windows 10


For all incredible things to be done smoothly, it needs the best processor technology. So, it comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor for the US consumers, and it comes with an in-house built Exynos 8895 processor model as well for all the other regions.

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Qualcomm has confirmed that it will release mobile Windows 10 PC running on its 835 Snapdragon processor and it will be available from the fourth quarter of 2017.

The Qualcomm company things that working on PC operating system compatibility at the side would bring smartphone technologies to the portable PC. Things like battery-saver and Gigabit LTE would be available to Windows 10.

However, the Galaxy S8 can already run a virtualized Windows 10 using the Samsung Desktop experience, also known as the DeX.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can run Windows 10 applications with Win32 apps as a virtual machine. The Qualcomm has shown that there is a thin line between workstation computing and mobile computing, and that line is disappearing very fast.

The South-Korean tech giant has received appreciation from everywhere because of its futuristic all-screen design. The smartphone has everything that Galaxy S7 Edge has, and it is a powerhouse.

Apart from being a top-notch smartphone, the Galaxy S8 can do many other things. The phone comes with a dock that allows the user to use the Galaxy S8 just like a personal computer. It has an HDR AMOLED curved screen which makes all the difference while watching videos and playing games. The screen provides great contrasts and vivid colors.