Watch The Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look in Leaked Videos


South-Korean tech giant Samsung did not launch the highly anticipated Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress – MWC.  They exhibit a promo video of Galaxy S8, which says that the launch date of Galaxy S8 is 29th of March 2017. The video did not show anything else except the launch date and curved edges of the smartphone. However, there are a couple of videos spotted online today. So, watch the Samsung Galaxy S8 first look in leaked videos.

Update 2: (March 24, 2017) Less than a week left in the launch of Galaxy S8. The unpack event has been scheduled on 29th of March 2017. However, someone already got his hand on working Galaxy S8.

Slashleak’s YouTube channel posted the new video. The eight seconds video is short, but it has many details about the smartphone. Some of the rumors are looking accurate after this video.

We can see the on-screen button which appearing when the screen turns on. It could be Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) called ‘Bixby.’

Galaxy S8 Bixby image

Samsung has also ditched the capacitive touch buttons on the bottom and replaced them with on-screen buttons.

Galaxy S8 capacitive touch buttons image

They also moved the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.

Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner imageYou can watch the eight seconds video here:


Update 1: (March 6, 2017) People were expecting much more than the official launch date of Galaxy S8 during the MWC event 2017. People were yearning for more and at least Samsung Galaxy S8 first look, and that open the gates for more leaks.

A new leak brief video of five seconds uploaded by Instagram user 505nick. The video showcases Galaxy S8 in a black color. The smartphone looks cleaner in design.

We have covered Galaxy S8 leaked images, and this video is showing what exactly we saw in those pictures.

The screen is off in the video, and that helps us in looking at the sleek look. The rear of the phone showing us the fingerprint scanner beside the single lens camera. If we come back to the front display, there is no home button.

The leaker has not removed the stickers from the back, the main label says “Confidential, not for sale, no photo allowed, and do not leak info.”

There is also a sticker revealing the IMEI, Samsung can easily track down the leaker through it.

Here is the video:

Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look In Leaked Videos

Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look In Leaked Videos

Those who wished to see a glimpse of Galaxy S8 at the MWC must be disappointed but they should not now. There are a couple of newly leaked videos surfaced today. The videos claim to be actual Galaxy S8, working for the very first time.

To be honest, we cannot say about the legitimacy of the videos because they are not directly from Samsung and there is not even a logo of Samsung in both videos.

Mobile Fun TV leaks the first video. The video shows the small top and bottom bezels. There is no home button at the bottom and a few sensors along with a front camera on top of the Galaxy S8. These changes were rumored and we saw all these changes in Galaxy S8 leaked images.

  1. Watch The Video Below

Slash Leaks leak the second video. It gives much better view compare to the first video. The video shows that there is a port for USB Type-C and 3.5 mm headphone jack as well.

The device has a much bigger screen. It has rear fingerprint scanner with a narrow top and bottom bezels. The bottom has no home button, and on top of the display, we can see front camera along with few sensors as in the first video.

  1. Watch The Video Below