Samsung Galaxy S8 Features: Everything We Know So Far!

If we take a look at the recent media reports, Samsung will be extremely busy till the next launch of their flagship devices in 2017. Five Two smartphones are assumed to be released by the Korean company in the early months of 2017. None will be more valuable to Samsung than the Galaxy S8 flagship. It’s been a long time till we get to see the design, release date or possible specs of the next year’s Galaxy series. We will take a glance on Samsung Galaxy S8 features.

The Galaxy S8 launch date is expected on 29th of March 2017. It will be on the shelves of the stores from 21st of April 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is expected to be around $750 to $800.

Galaxy Series is the most successful series ever launched by Samsung. A large number of fans like Samsung devices just because of the Galaxy series. The series includes smartphones, tablets and now smartwatches.

Update: (February 13, 2017) Samsung will release two variants of Galaxy S-series in 2017. The primary model will be called Galaxy S8, and the premium model will be called Galaxy S8 Edge Plus.

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Update: (October 24, 2016) The two variants of Galaxy S-series may be the only premium smartphones by Samsung in 2017.

Incredible Samsung Galaxy S8 Features Are Here!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

While Samsung is being associated with a Galaxy X foldable device in 2017. It is apparent that the Galaxy S8 features will need to be pretty exceptional to stand apart from the crowd. The manufacturer who has managed to pack its devices with outstanding features will do so once again when the Galaxy S8 comes.

Update:  (February 13, 2017) The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors suggesting that it will feature an edge-to-edge design with slightly thin bezels at top and button. However, the sides will be bezel-less. So, once it comes into the market we can talk about comprehensively, and we can also do Samsung Galaxy S8 review too.

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Update: (October 24, 2016) The foldable screen rumor has been rejected, it would not be many changes except that both variants will have curved-edge.

Here’s everything we think we know regarding Galaxy S8 features:

Display of Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features: Everything We Know So Far!

Samsung will proceed with the Super AMOLED display technology. It has proven pretty successful for the company in the past. Samsung will come up with curved designs. The display of the smartphone will be improved a little, with reports recommending that the Galaxy S8 will use a 5.1-inch display.

Update:  (February 13, 2017) The latest speculation suggesting 5.8 inches screen of primary  Galaxy S8. The premium Galaxy S8 Plus will have 6.2 inches of a massive screen like a phablet. However, there is no confirmation about the 4K display.

5G connectivity

Recent reports have also suggested that Samsung is tinkering with the 5G connection. They might release this innovation when the Galaxy S8 releases.

A constant research and revolution are going on with the speed of the internet on the mobile devices. Samsung wants to lead the way with presenting 5G to the mobile industry.

Update: (February 13, 2017) Still no confirmation about the 5G connectivity.

Foldable Device

As reports have suggested previously, Samsung will introduce its long-awaited foldable technology alongside Galaxy S8 generation. This development was debuted as early as 2008 at a various trade convention.

However, reports have shown that this particular technology will be earmarked for an entirely separate smartphone. Therefore, we should not anticipate the foldable screens to appear in either the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Edge.

Update: (February 13, 2017) The foldable screen rumor has been rejected. It would not be many changes except that both variants will have curved-edge and thin bezels at the top and bottom of the front.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Features: Everything We Know So Far!

The Galaxy S7 made significant strides over previous mobile phone releases earlier this year. The dual-pixel innovation guaranteeing that the smartphone can snap excellent photos in darker conditions. The camera of Galaxy S8 might be even more remarkable, with Samsung anticipated maintaining this innovation, while also upping the megapixel rating of the mobile phone.

The camera of Galaxy S8 might be even more remarkable, with Samsung anticipated maintaining this innovation. Also, increase the megapixel rating of the mobile phone.

Update: (February 13, 2017) Reportedly, Samsung is dropping the dual-lens back camera plan. Galaxy S8 features may have a single back camera of 12 MP.

Update: (October 24) It would be a dual-lens camera of 12 MP in Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. However, primary Galaxy S8 will have single lens camera.

6 4 GB of RAM

Reports emerged just recently that Samsung has exposed its newest RAM chip at the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in China. The new chip is LPDDR4 DRAM setup using a 10nm process. The Galaxy Note 6 is also expected to take advantage of a massive 6 GB of RAM. However, the Galaxy S8 is not likely to feature this part of memory.

Samsung chooses to keep its premium smartphone and phablet separate. It is expected that the smartphone will introduce this new chip when it is released. It will allow the Galaxy S8 to deliver faster RAM. It is also expected that Samsung will increase the RAM consisted of 6 GB.

Update: (February 13, 2017) The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 features 4 GB RAM. Samsung will manufacture it, and they are using the process of 10nm in manufacturing.

Galaxy S8 Storage & Battery

Samsung is also expected to enhance both the battery life and storage space of the Galaxy S8. A battery more than 4,000 mAh has been linked with the Galaxy Note 6. Samsung is trying to take an edge over Apple in the battery department, and battery cell increases are also expected with the Galaxy S8.

The current Galaxy S7 benefits from a non-removable Li-Ion 3,000 mAh battery. It is not impractical for the Galaxy S8 to be armed with a 4000+ mAh battery.

Update: (January 6, 2017) According to GSMArena, Samsung Galaxy will be powered by 3000 mAh battery, and 3500 mAh battery will power the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The storage options will remain 64 GB and 128 GB. The Micro SD card slot will support up to 256 GB.

Water-Proof Galaxy S8

One of the best features of Galaxy S7 was its waterproof chassis. We are hoping that Galaxy S8 follows the IP68 certified technology.

IP stands for Ingress Protection to let the consumers know how waterproof and dustproof a device is going to be in Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S5 & S7 were waterproof. The Galaxy S6 was not waterproof. That shows Samsung is willing to skip over water-proofing for some purpose. However, the waterproof Galaxy S8 was well-received. So, it seems unlikely that Samsung will tamper with its winning formula.

We will keep you updating will all the possible news and rumors about the Galaxy S8. So stay with us to know more about Galaxy S8 features, specs, release date, price, and other relevant news.