Samsung Galaxy S8 Features – Upgrades We Should See


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has pretty much everything you could want from a smartphone and with the improvements presented, the S7 is definitely among the most powerful smartphone, classy and thorough in the market. There is still room for improvements so here is a desire list of exactly what we would want in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Following are the few extra features we would love to see in the new Samsung Galaxy S8.


Samsung has pleased many of us with the reintroduction of a memory card slot in the Galaxy S7, however with 32 GB storage area, a large part of which is used by the operating system; it was essential. We hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will keep the slot for cards, but will add more storage space. If Apple offers a phone with 128GB of space, even Samsung can do it. In this way, users will have more room for online games, videos, and photos, without needing to fall back on slower speed microSD cards.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an accomplishment of design and stunning looks or a minimum of it is until you start utilizing it, then started rapidly to collect fingerprints. So we hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 prevent this trouble. The design does not alter significantly, but a fingerprint reader with a sort of repellent finishing would do marvels.


The battery life of the Galaxy S7 has been a substantial enhancement over the S6, but it’s still a phone that goes recharged for a night. This is among the few situtations where much cheaper phones are perfect; preferably we would like a phone that can easily last for a minimum of 2 days. We hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be that phone.



The Samsung Galaxy S7 can drain an affordable amount of noise, but has only one speaker and its place at the bottom works such that the audio is not directed towards you when you hold the phone in your hand, as well as that the speaker can be easily covered by fingers. It’d be good if the Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC S8 were influenced to introduce two speakers facing the front, something that would fix all these issues while including a solid sound.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features



The QHD screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is clear for general use. But Samsung is betting strongly on the virtual reality with the Gear VR and some more pixels may be useful. The Gear VR is among the cheapest ways to get into the world of virtual reality, but it truly might have a little more if the Samsung Galaxy S8 had a 4K display.


TouchWiz is not as bad as it once was, however, is still present and still includes a bothersome quantity of bloatware. Actively we question if we’ll ever see a pure Android on a Samsung flagship, however, the closer it is to purity, the much better are the things. We’d like to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a more toned-down version of TouchWiz, with more product design and less apps pre-installed.


A little shock it was that the Samsung Galaxy S7 does not utilize the USB ports type C. It is not a great loss, because the phone still supports the fast charging, but it indicates that you can link the cable just in one way. This is a small annoyance. However, some phones have settled, and we hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will do the same.