Samsung Galaxy S8 Expectations – What We Really Want to See


A Snapdragon 830 processor and a Gear VR, 4K display are likely fitting for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Expectations. It’s too soon to get too specific about release dates. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is bound to launch in early 2017, given that the beginning of the year is typically when Samsung presents its new flagships. We can guess that it will arrive in February.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be released on 21st of April 2017 as per the latest reports.

Galaxy S8 Expectations

Aside from that, a reversible USB Type-C connector is possible, because they’re becoming significantly standard, like a fingerprint sensor, an always-on display, a microSD card slot and water resistant body. New rumors and news are getting stronger day by day for Galaxy S8 Expectations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera and battery

Samsung is said to be struggling with a new camera, which will be in between 18 and 24MP and must a wide f/1.4 opening, where the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a smaller f/1.7 one.

That new width might enable more light in, and the jump in megapixel count could allow more large images while Samsung is apparently dealing with this camera, it hasn’t been correctly connected to the Galaxy S8 yet.

Galaxy S8 Expectations

There’s no information on what battery size the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have, however ideally the company won’t reverse the high it’s done on the S7, which has much better life than the S6 before it.


The Galaxy S7 has a 3000mAh battery, with any luck the battery in the S8 will be even larger, or a minimum of more efficient. It may need to be if Samsung presses the screen resolution up.

Samsung Galaxy S8 OS and Processor

The Snapdragon 830 isn’t official yet. However, it has been reported and is the likely name for the next significant flagship mobile phone chip from Qualcomm. It’s possible to be quicker, smaller sized and more efficient than the 820 Snapdragon or a least of those are all areas Qualcomm is likely to try and improve.

However, whatever chip it has, it will be cutting edge, and the company puts the very best tech in its flagships.

Galaxy S8 Expectations

We can also get a look at Galaxy Note 7 reports obtaining some clues about what specifications the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be packing. That phone is reported to be including 6GB of RAM and if it does we ‘d bet the Samsung Galaxy S8 will too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 other features

We might also see an iris scanner on the phone as Samsung has been found importing iris scanning modules and has registered hallmarks for “Samsung Iris” and “Samsung Eyeprint.”