Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs, Features And Design


According to the existing speculations the Galaxy S8 Edge release date might be falling in the first week of April 2017 in the Asian markets, and in the middle of the very same month the handset will be offered in Europe and the USA. The S6 was released in April, and the S7 is anticipated to be released the very same month coming a year (2016), if the very same pattern follows then we will have the S8 on the market by April 2017. According to the rumors of the Galaxy S8 Edge specs, the new design will include a bit larger screen with an improved display screen of fantastic 4k visuals.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The Galaxy S8 is going to release on 21st of April 2017.

Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

Gorilla glass: The S8 will include a toughened glass making the phone more resistant to damages and improve on toughness. The sides will be covered by metal frames for more defense.

Fingerprint sensing unit: Samsung Galaxy S8 will have an exceptional touch finger sensing unit at the home button. This features in crucial when opening the phone and throughout the login into mobile banking and other sites, in addition to the Samsung pay choice


Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

Force Touchscreen: Samsung might integrate this fantastic feature, just like 3D touch. The handset shows various alternatives in accordance the quantity of finger pressure used. This feature has existed in some iPhone like the 6S and has drawn in numerous users. The statement of Samsung to integrate this feature within a year is a clear indicator that Galaxy S8 will have it.

Swift Wired charge 4.0 and wireless charging: It will offer a fast charging feature; for the wired battery charger will take 30 minutes to charge completely the battery and the wireless can charge the handset as much as 80% within a brief duration of 15 minutes. This is a fantastic feature for the Galaxy users.

4k recording: An ultra-high resolution, which shows approximately 8 million pixels and the resolution never goes below 3840 x 2160 pixels.

4000mAh battery capability: It’s an effective battery that can totally support the flagship for two days; a battery that can not be eliminated might be used in this flagship.