Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs – The Details


The next Samsung Galaxy S member is going to be a gadget that deserves the anxiety although we will not see it until the 2nd quarter of 2017. Samsung is aiming to promote itself as a maker of high-end smartphones, and that has resulted in the ‘next-level’ modification that can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge specs.

Galaxy S8 Edge will be the 3rd installment with a curved-edge screen to see the light from the S series, and based on what we have currently been hearing, will be a genuine reward for our eyes. The concept will again seek to integrate all the intentions of the company, allowing more viewing angles and much better display innovation. That is why we can anticipate discovering a somewhat bigger screen, much faster gadget with more internal memory and a comparatively faster processor.

 Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

One of the most extensive rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is the idea of the device being foldable. We’ve heard news about this for quite a few years, and the latest rumors hint that a foldable design could be seen in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. Samsung has officially announced that there will be a folding flagship going on sale in 2017, so this detail does nothing more than adding fuel to the fire.


The concept of a folding mobile phone would have to integrate two screens with double fold in the middle of each. While this concept is distinct, it is not expected to reach the S8 Edge, however, it is most likely that if you reach another final badge is yet to come that year. The first reports about the Edge S8 show us an incredible phone making a lot of analysts think unquestionably of S8 as one of the best smartphones of 2017.

Other reports we’ve been hearing make mention of the price of the new S8 Edge, and according to these, the S8 will be cheaper than was thought initially. The first reports placed the S8 Edge price in US dollars over 1000. However, thankfully, this is not the case. Probably the release price will fall in the very same variety as seen with the S6 Edge S7 Edge, which would imply a total amount of about 900 USD, or what is the same, about 820 euros. Other rumors also tell us about the security level as there will be an ultra-sensitive eye scanner, a 4K screen resolution with a deca-core processor and many other innovations.

Technical Specs Of Galaxy S8

The technical specs make us believe that Galaxy Edge S8 is far more improved, with new components, latest innovations, much faster wireless charging and surround sound quality.

It is expected that Edge controls become more functional and responsive. We likewise anticipate seeing the screen a little bit larger than seen so far, a 5.3-inch diagonal maybe where the excellent 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels) will favor. Other functions consist of (as mentioned by rumors) a much bigger battery, microSD card slot, Gorilla Glass 5 protected front and back, in addition to a deca-core processor running at a clock speed of 3.1 GHz.

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