Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Designs – Updates & Features

Mobile phones tend to be well designed, user-friendly and just astonishing to look and use. Samsung is renowned worldwide by launching great phones after every few months. The fan following and user base of Samsung is one of the biggest in the world in smartphones industry. On this page, we tried all Galaxy S8 news and info about the Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs that we’ve seen all around the web.

The most popular range of Samsung is no doubt the all-time popular – Galaxy Series. Since the launch of the last Galaxy S7, fans are more interested to know about the next big phone by the Samsung, and that would be without a doubt called – Galaxy S8.

Since there is no certain news or design about the next flagship of Samsung, but we’ve been following all the possible news sources to get a look at the possible new Galaxy S8 concept design.

We on our site will be sharing all beautiful design concepts of Galaxy S8.  Don’t forget to leave your feedback below on the page so we can improvise our collection and stats.

Update: (17 February 2017) The latest news is indicating that the release date of the upcoming Galaxy S8 is going to be 21st of April 2017.

Update: (February 14, 2017) The latest updates and leaked images suggesting that Galaxy S8 will feature an edge-to-edge design with slightly thin bezels at top and button. However, the sides will be bezel-less.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Designs

The following new 6.8 millimeter Samsung Galaxy S8 concept is from Designer Steel Drake. Before we begin with the real design, let’s talk for a bit about a few of the insane features possible. For beginners, the addition of a big wireless charging pad, there’s exactly what’s being called a “charge translator,” an original wireless battery charger that beams electrical energy to the phone from a wall plug.

It looks as though the Galaxy S8 will be more of an incremental yet substantial upgrade. By the time the 2017 Galaxy S flagship release, there may be a time to blend things up a bit. That’s exactly what designer Steel Drake has imagined here. These Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs have flair and design in lots, and a video connects it for a much better appearance.

The display screen covers well around the sides, and the phone appears to have a small curvature on both the front and back. The locations to the top and bottom of the screen have been limited, and although this is a great idea for the front side, the Samsung logo design at the bottom does appear a little pressed in.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs

There are some excellent design touches here, for instance, the earpiece, and we particularly like the shiny metal contrast for the leading and bottom locations. Along the bottom side, there are seven speaker holes, SIM card slot, and audio jack.

Like many sources, it presents built-in projector. Such a feature would comprise a component of a great factor, however, in reality, its most likely be a trick. Those wanting to broadcast material from their mobile phones can currently do so by using the Google’s Chromecast.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs

The concept also includes an integrated projector, which seems inserted into the rear-facing display module. We’re uncertain about this, but it’s possible. However, it’s quite amazing to think the fingerprint scanner appears to have transferred to the back of the device, perhaps due to an absence of space in front.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs

The front camera also appears way too small. Over the past years, the using experience of Galaxy S flagship of smartphones has been remarkable. With a compact and slim body, glass and metal chassis and hardcore specifications. It does not rather fit in with this scene.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 concept is 141mm x 72mm x 6.8 mm in thickness. The designer has even thought of the box that it would be available in, along with a new logo design idea, charging pad and charge translator. In retrospect, the concept design provides us with an outstanding idea of what Samsung might present next year. However, it will certainly be a lot more interesting to see more leakages, rumors, and ideas of the upcoming Galaxy S smartphone.

Display Technology

While the size of the handset is not likely to be much various from 5.1 and 5.5 inches. Reports are recommending that by the time the S8 reaches the market, VR devices will have been around for at some point, which will make the resolution of mobile phone screens much more compelling. With that in mind and Samsung currently being associated with the VR company, the Galaxy S8 might have a 4K display screen similar to the Sony Xperia Z5 premium.

Update:  (February 14, 2017) The latest speculation suggesting 5.8 inches screen of primary Galaxy S8 and premium Galaxy S8 Edge will have 6.2 inches of a massive screen like a phablet. However, there is no confirmation about the 4K display.

The Powerful Camera of S8

Photo leaks and reports are recommending that Samsung is working on a 1/2.3-inch camera sensing unit that will be integrated with a f/1.4 aperture. It implies any camera would have the ability to deliver exceptional low-light performance than the current S7 and S7 edge. Whether that holds true, nobody outside Samsung understands. Whatever Samsung is doing, it is for sure that it will not be resting on its honor.

We’ve got to say that this is a stunning Samsung Galaxy S8 concept designs that we feel many readers will value. You may disagree.

Would you prefer to see the original Galaxy S8 look anything like this concept?

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