Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life Expectation – What We Know


The Galaxy S8 battery life  might differ tremendously as compared to the previous editions, having more capacity to store charge and having different battery saving maximization made on a software and hardware level. Since we cannot provide you a definite response on the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we can still provide you an idea of what you can expect. Below, we take an in-depth look at the latest reports surrounding the Galaxy S8 battery specs consisting of the complete capability, hours, and all that you can control.

Galaxy S8 Battery Life


Galaxy S8 Battery Life– In Size

Although we cannot say for sure, it’s expected that the battery capability of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be over 4,000 mAh. We’re hoping to see a 4,000 mAh battery capacity in the Galaxy S8, but we might see a little more than that. It would be disappointing to notice less than the 4,000 mAh mark, however if we did, Samsung might be able to make up for it in the battery conserving department.

The good news is there are a lot of optimizations that can be done on a software level to lower system resources, but you can also optimize hardware such as the processor and the GPU to enhance battery life when a mobile phone is performing various tasks.

Galaxy S8 Battery Life– In Hours

With that information in mind, what sort of number can we expect to see from the Galaxy S8 battery life in regards to hours?

If we have a look at the standby time, a rough quote would have us guessing that the battery life might last in between 500 and 700 hours. Call time must ideally be between 30 and 60 hours although we can’t say for sure until battery tests remain in. Music playback time might come close to 100 hours. It’s hard to predict battery tests precisely with limited info, so please take this info with a healthy grain of salt.


Like discussed above, none of these figures, including the standby time and the battery capacity are confirmed at this moment. This info is only based on the most recent rumors, so it’s down to you to make your decision. Let’s hope that Samsung comes out soon with a news release so that we can get sure more info with you.

In the meantime, why to rule out a few of the expected launch devices you will wish to consider when the S8 launches early 2017.