Jaw-Dropping Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories!


Samsung has reaffirmed that Galaxy S8 is not going to launch at the MWC – Mobile World Congress show starting from 27th of February. However, Samsung will exhibit a one-minute teaser of Galaxy S8 and probably launch Galaxy Tab S3. The launch of Galaxy S8 is expected until the end of March or in the first week of April 2017. So, we have already all the news and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S8. Now, we see some Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories too.

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Update 3 (March 13, 2017): The upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus confirmed by the leaked Galaxy S8 skins.  The Galaxy S8 has probably one of the most leaked smartphones. Here’s one more for you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

A company named DBrand, prominent for making smartphone skins has officially announced Samsung Galaxy S8 phone skins. The cost of these skins is $9.95 apiece.

The skins are quite different from the mobile cases. They add ‘zero thickness’ to your smartphone. It is a beautiful wrapper for your smartphone.

Now the question arises, how come DBrand know the depth and detailed schematics of Galaxy S8? It is impossible to make zero thickness skins without having the Galaxy S8 in hands.

Update 2 (February 25, 2017):  So, the South Korean tech giant has no intention to unveil Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus at the Mobile World Congress. Now a new rumored leaked has provided us another look of the imminent Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories.  

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories!

The image below was posted on a site called Slash Leaks. It comes from a user who has posted accurate leaks previously.

However, the source is unclear, the gray box can be seen, and we can also see the watermark of some online Chinese firm. The phone is covered in another Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory which is a protective case.

The cover is hiding almost complete back of the rumored Galaxy S8. Though, we can see the relocated fingerprint scanner, sensor cluster, LED flash and the rear camera.

We can also see the beautiful and big display which is almost occupying the entire front of the phone.

It is speculated that Galaxy S8 will feature a significant redesign and ditch the home button. The top and bottom bezels will be narrow.

Update 2 (February 20, 2017): The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is believed to be unveiled on 29th of March 2017, but you cannot stop the overflowing leak images on the internet.


It is Evan Blass again, who is very active these days in rendering different Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories and leak images. He tweeted two cases pictures of Galaxy S8 along with LG G6. You can also look at the comparison we did between Galaxy S8 and LG G6.



The smartphones are protected with the case, but they are transparent. So, it is easy to see everything from both sides of the smartphones.

Samsung has plans to have a rear fingerprint scanner as we can look in the case leaked picture. Besides the fingerprint scanner, we can see single lens camera. We heard that Samsung would feature a dual-lens camera. So, everything is ambiguous about the camera.

However, the good news is that Galaxy S8 is coming with iris scanner in the front. So, if you want some extra security and you do not think that a fingerprint scanner is a valid option, then this would be a decent alternative.

(Update 1: February 15, 2017) So, we are back with another update of Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories. Before proceeding ahead, we must tell you that the launch date of Galaxy S8 is expected on 29th of March 2017 and Samsung will also confirm it on 27th of February 2017 at the MWC event.

Apart from leaked images of Galaxy S8, the unreleased smartphone renders are now sharing some Galaxy S8 accessories too. Benjamin Geskin posts the latest image of Galaxy S8 screen cover.

The smartphone case gives you the idea about the whereabouts of camera, sensors, and speakers. You can crystal clearly look that the home button is absent and this is what we heard and read about the Galaxy S8 until now.

Jaw-Dropping Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

The latest accessory we have spotted online is ‘Galaxy S8 Case’. The design is giving us a complete summary of what to anticipate regarding the design of Galaxy S8. The images of the case seem authentic and matching with the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images which are also spotted online.

The picture of the case shows that Galaxy S8 will indeed have the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. There are many rumors are coming every other day about the forthcoming Galaxy S8, but sometimes they contradict each other. However, the rumor that fingerprint scanner on the back does not lack any consensus.

The images are suggesting that Galaxy S8 will feature dual-lens back camera. Though, we are not sure whether primary Galaxy S8 will feature a dual-lens camera or premium Galaxy S8. Last year, Samsung’s rival Apple introduced the dual-lens camera, and it features only in the premium model of iPhone 7 Plus.

Moreover, we cannot see the front of the device in the case pictures. As per the news, Samsung will ditch the home button, and the top and bottom bezels will be narrow.

It is also expected that Samsung will feature USB Type-C port, IP68 water resistance, and Microsoft Continuum-like DeX software.