Samsung in Bringing Mighty Phones in 2017 – Should I wait for the Galaxy S8?


Should you wait for the Galaxy S8? The Galaxy S8 is a great way off, so it might be ill-advised to secure the hatches and await the 2017 flagship.

There are lots of fantastic phones on the marketplace today, not least the Galaxy S7. However, you’ll also find good value from the HTC 10 and Google’s Nexus 6P. And if you’re not a die-hard Android nut, the iPhone 6S, and 6S Plus are incredibly powerful handsets.

Should I wait for the Galaxy S8


However, by the time the Galaxy S8 handset comes out, there’ll be a lot more phones offered. We’d assume to see the Galaxy Note 6, iPhone 7, LG G6, and a new Nexus phone too, all competing for your hard-earned cash.

And looking past that, you’ll have the HTC 11 (most likely, anyhow) soon following the Galaxy S8, with the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 7 surely in tow.

Should You Wait for the Galaxy S8

In regards to storage Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge is the best, the most affordable version could be 32 GB for the internal memory. The RAM might reach up to 6GB, which is already going beyond the modern phones today. It was just recently exposed that there was an LPDDR4 DRAM chip with 10nm architecture.

The Galaxy S8 is a pretty decent upgrade smartphone over the Samsung Galaxy S7. Consisting of a couple of prominent features that have been missing out on from galaxy latest glass-and-metal phones (microSD, waterproofing), hours of meaningful battery life (particularly with the S8 Edge), plus some little development that you missed out on (like faster fingerprint acknowledgment).

Samsung fans ought to wait for the main statement concerning the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Edge with the 6GB RAM or the 4K AMOLED display. However, it is evident that the specifications will be much better than the current generation.