3 Things In Which Samsung Bixby – The New Talk Of The Town Has Beat Apple Siri


The South Korean tech giant official revealed Bixby on Wednesday 29th of March 2017. The new talk of the town Bixby is the virtual personal assistant and rival of Apple Siri. The Samsung Bixby will debut on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus together when it will release on 21st of April 2017.

Samsung Bixby Ready To Take On Apple Siri

Samsung Bixby

Samsung has a voice recognition software, called S Voice on its smartphones. However, the analysts, observers, and predictors were hoping a better Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Samsung when company Viv, a company founded by Siri’s creators.


The Samsung did not say many things about the Bixby in the launching event. It did lay out a few of the intriguing features of its new assistant.

Comprehensive Control

Samsung has claimed that Bixby can control your smartphone comprehensively compare to other voice assistants. The Bixby will let you function compatible applications entirely by voice without even touching the screen.

The voice assistant Siri and other virtual assistants can interact with applications but in a limited way. For instance, Siri can explicitly tell Yelp to look up a restaurant or order through Uber near you, but ultimately you have to use the touchscreen for remaining procedure of those apps.

Gives You Authority

The Bixby will not confuse if you mix and match touch controls and voice together. It will allow a user to weave different modes of interactions including voice or touch at any context of the app, whichever they think is intuitive and comfortable.

In plainer English, you ask Samsung Bixby to open a restaurant reservation, and then you can use the touchscreen yourself to select options before asking the AI Bixby to set the reservation for you.

More Conversational

Bixby will be more conversational if it does not understand the whole phrase you said. It will do whatever it learns and then ask you a follow-up question. In this way, users do not have to phrase everything perfectly to be understood. If it happens with Apple Siri, you will get a “Sorry I missed that” in reply.


We believe on these exceptional features until Samsung release it on 21st of April. However, if Samsung can deliver and provide everything it promises. Then it would be far better than other voice assistant and offer more users than Siri.

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