Rumor Versus Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs OnePlus 4


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 4 are both most awaited smartphones which are expected to be unpacked in 2017. Both the companies have not given out any details about the phones. These two handsets are already in progress. However, many rumors are circulating on the internet. The fans of Android devices are very excited, but they are confused too, in choosing one of them. We created a battle, Samsung Galaxy S8 vs OnePlus 4.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs OnePlus 4

Galaxy S8 Vs OnePlus 4

The Samsung Galaxy S handsets are known for high-end build up and incredible features. On the other hand, One Plus handsets are known for their affordable price and excellent specifications. So, which phone will be better among them?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, they cannot take the Galaxy S8 for granted. If Samsung wants to build the reputation again, then Galaxy S8 should be packed with specifications and features.

RAM And Storage

The RAM could be 4 GB. The space options will be 64 GB and 128 GB with Micro SD card options, supports up to 256 GB.

Display And Variants

The next flagship will come in two variants. The basic model will be called Samsung Galaxy S8, and the premium model will be named Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. One will be 5.8 inches and second will be 6.2 inches. Moreover, both models could sport edge screens.


They could also make a dual-lens camera. Both rear cameras could feature 12 MP, and the front camera would have 8 MP.


Battery And Processor

The batteries of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus would be 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh respectively. The specifications could be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the US. Galaxy S8 devices in other countries would be Exynos 9810.

OnePlus 4 Rumors

Interestingly, number 4 is not a lucky number in China. Usually, manufacturers avoid this name. So it is possible that OnePlus 3 to be succeeded by the OnePlus 5 instead of OnePlus 5.


The stories about One Plus 4 are not as reliable as they are about Galaxy S8. However, we can predict about their flagship based on latest trends. Once again, it is expected that OnePlus 4 will be available in affordable price again like its predecessor. The cost will be around $400.

RAM And Storage

The RAM could be 6 GB as per the latest reports. The space options will be same as in Galaxy S8.


The rear camera will be a dual lens camera and could be 16 MP, and 12 MP., The front selfie shooter camera, will be 8 MP as per the rumors.

Battery And Processor

The processor could be Qualcomm Snap Dragon 835 as it would also feature in upcoming Galaxy S8. OnePlus 4 could come up with 4000 mAh battery.

Display Size

Furthermore, they could also improve display and make it Quad HD resolution. These are only predictions and expectation. However, it is confirmed that the size of OnePlus 4 will be 5.5 inches or more.


The OnePlus 3 and previous versions were announced in two colors, such as Gunmetal and Soft Gold. However, the OnePlus 4 may come in bold color variants. We are saying that because concept renderers are showing the device in black, white and red variants.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs OnePlus 4 Conclusion

The fans are already excited for both handsets. Both of them are Android phones. But they capture different markets. OnePlus can be afforded by everyone, whereas, Samsung Galaxy S are for those who can afford the slightly higher price.