The Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 – How Much will it cost?


We can only guess the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8 at this phase. To assist the readers, here’s a look back at recent Galaxy phone mark-ups:

Galaxy S7– ₤ 569.
Galaxy S6– ₤ 599.
Galaxy S7 Edge– ₤ 639.
Galaxy S6 Edge– ₤ 695.

Price Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Estimated Analysis

Unsurprisingly, the Edge-variant Galaxy phones have the tendency to cost between 5% and 10% more than their more traditional equivalents. If we take the average price of the S7 and S6, and presume that the Galaxy S8 will cost about ₤ 599, then the Galaxy S8 Edge would most likely retail at about ₤ 639.

Consumers will enjoy reading that the Samsung Galaxy S8 price will continue to be competitive, and no significant boosts will be kept in mind at the time of launch. Some have been hypothesizing that the new price of the GS8 and GS8 Edge will be a little more than the GS7 and GS7 Edge at the time of launch, but Samsung is intent on keeping the launch day rates around the very same.


Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy S8

Release date prices will be available through complete purchase, two-year carrier contracts, and installation costs which will differ by provider. We have come to anticipate new and renewal two-year contract prices through the majority of the leading carriers worldwide, but a majority of including those here in the US are moving far from contracts in place of installment methods.

T-Mobile was at the front of the four to do so, and Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T will be doing the same in the coming years. This bodes well for customers as the industry contract price of the GS8 could be as high as $299 with the premium S8 Edge being as high as $349. Installment costs such as AT&T’s Next would call for no money down, and a month-to-month price for 24 months about $35/month.
We’ll remind you on the official launch costs particular to providers worldwide as soon as we get it.