Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Vodafone


Vodafone UK own by Vodafone Group is the second largest cellular network company in the world. The headquarters of Vodafone UK are located in Newbury, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1982, and the current chief executive officer (CEO) is Jeroen Hoencamp. According to our sources, preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Vodafone right after the launch.

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Vodafone

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Vodafone

Vodafone will provide two monthly and one full payment methods for their current and new customers. The plan includes Vodafone Red 12 GB, Vodafone Red Value 12 GB, and Full Payment. Customers may get free Samsung Gear VR, as Vodafone also gave during the Galaxy S7 pre-orders.


Vodafone Red 12 GB

In this plan, customers can pre-order Samsung Galaxy S8 in which they will get 12 GB bundle for £57 per month which includes unlimited minutes, texts, 12 GB of data and inclusive roaming of 2 GB.The upfront amount will cost you £20.

Vodafone Red Value 20 GB

In this method, new and old customers can pre-order new Samsung Galaxy S8 through Vodafone Red Value 20 GB bundle in just £63 per month and the upfront amount will be £20. In this bundle, you will get unlimited minutes, texts, 20 GB of data and inclusive roaming of 4 GB.

Full Payment

In this simple method, you have to pay the full amount for the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 Price On Vodafone

The Galaxy S8 prices are not confirmed but still they will be around £675 for Samsung Galaxy S8 and £754 for Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. The amount in USD will cost $850 and $950 for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.

Galaxy S8 Release Date On Vodafone

The release date of Galaxy S8 is not confirmed yet on Vodafone, but according to the latest news, the launching event will take place on 29th of March.