Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On US Cellular


US (United States) Cellular Corporation is the fifth largest cellular network in the USA. The headquarters of US Cellular is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The founder of the company is Telephone and Data Systems. As Samsung is releasing their next flagship in the first quarter of the next year, people are curious about the preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 on US Cellular.

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On US Cellular

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On US Cellular

US Cellular offering three plans for their customers, which include US Cellular Installment Plan, US Cellular Two Year Contract, and US Cellular Full Retail.

US Cellular Installment Plan

They are offering you Samsung Galaxy S8 in just $35.41 per month, and the contract is consist of two years. So you have to pay $35.41 every month till 24 months. They are offering same procedure of Galaxy S8 Edge, but you have to pay $39.58 every month.


US Cellular Two Year Contract

In this two years contract, you will get Galaxy S8 and US Cellular services in just $250 and $285 for Galaxy S8 Edge, but you have to pay additional $35.41 per month for Galaxy S8 and $39.58 per month for Galaxy S8 Edge till you complete 24 months of monthly installment.

US Cellular Full Retail

In this scheme, you can get Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge at full retail price.

These prices are just assumptions based on our calculations and previous record.

Galaxy S8 Price On US Cellular

The price of Galaxy S8 is not yet confirmed but according to our sources Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost you $850, and Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you $950.

S8 32 GBNot Available
S8 64 GB$750
S8 128 GBNot Available
S8 Edge32 GBNot Available
S8 Edge 64 GB$850
S8 Edge 128 GBNot Available
Release Date21st of April, 2017

Galaxy S8 Release Date On US Cellular

After the Samsung Note 7 recall, Samsung is planning to launch sooner than expected. They released Samsung S7 on 11th of March, 2015 but this time the rumors are speculating the date of 26th February.