Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Sprint


Sprint is one of the top cellular company of the USA, With 59.5 million users in the country. As Samsung launched Galaxy S8 on 29th of March, people are curious about the making a preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 on Sprint.

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Sprint

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8 On Sprint

So, Samsung Galaxy S8 Sprint launched on 29th of March 2017. The Sprint Galaxy S8 preorder is starting from 30th of March 2017.

Now, let’s talk about the different plans of pre-ordering. Galaxy S8 Sprint has come up with four plans for their customers, which include ‘Sprint Installment Plan,’ ‘Sprint Galaxy Forever Plan,’ ‘Sprint Two-Year Contract (Best Buy),’ and ‘Sprint full retail.’

Sprint Installment Plan

In this plan, you just have to pay $31.25 every month up till 18 months for S8 and for S8 Plus you have to pay $35.42 for the same 18 months.


Sprint Galaxy Forever Plan

In this scheme, you have to pay $31.25 every month for 18 months. This plan allows users to upgrade to a new Samsung device after 12 months.

Sprint Two-Year Contract (Best Buy)

In this deal, you can get Galaxy S8 and Sprint services in just $250, but you have to pay the $31.25 per month for two years. And for Galaxy S8 Edge you have to pay $285 and additional $35.42 every month till 18 months.


Sprint full retail

You can buy through Sprint Galaxy S8 preorder at full retail price without any payments after the purchase.

These costs and assumptions are for only Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus of 64 GB storage based on previous trends and our calculations. 

Galaxy S8 Price On Sprint

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will cost you $750 and $850 respectively.

S8 32 GBNot Available
S8 64 GB$750
S8 128 GBNot Available
S8 Edge32 GBNot Available
S8 Edge 64 GB$850
S8 Edge 128 GBNot Available
Release Date21st of April, 2017

Galaxy S8 Release Date On Sprint

The Sprint S8 release date is going to be 21st of April 2017.