Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre Order On AT&T!


AT&T is one of the most top cellular company when it comes to preorders on AT&T. It was founded in 1983 by Bell Telephone Company, located in Dallas, United States, and the revenue of this company is 146.8 billion USD in 2015. In this article, we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre order On AT&T. These numbers and plans are just assumptions based on calculations and previous trends.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre Order On AT&T

Galaxy S8 Pre order On AT&T

AT&T is offering its customers two simple deals, which are consist of 30 months payments and full retail. These below mention plans are for 32 GB, but AT&T is offering plans for every color and storage.

AT&T Next 24

The name suggests that the scheme should be consist of 24 months, but interestingly you can pay less every month because the installments are for 30 months. Which makes you pay only $28.33 per month including the services of the company. And Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you $31.66 per month for 30 months.


AT&T Full Retail

In this deal offer by AT&T, you can buy Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 directly from a store or you can order it in just $850 and $950 respectively.

Galaxy S8 Release Date On AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is ambiguous but according to our sources, Samsung will schedule the launch earlier than expectations. Samsung recalls Note 7, and now they want to cover up the mess with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.

Galaxy S8 Price On AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is also unclear as for the release date but the latest rumors speculate about the S8 price which is $850, and Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you $950. 

S8 32 GBNot Available
S8 64 GB$750
S8 128 GBNot Available
S8 Edge32 GBNot Available
S8 Edge 64 GB$850
S8 Edge 128 GBNot Available
Release Date21st of April, 2017