Possible Features of Samsung Galaxy S8, Specs, Price And Release Date


Talking about the Galaxy S8, will the users be disappointed in any specification? And if not, what are the other possible features of Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung consented customer pressure and restored the precious micro SD card slot on the S7. However, they disappointed their users by also reviving the non-removable battery. That may be a huge disadvantage as there will come a time when the battery will reach its life’s final limit. And yes, you can’t do anything about it.

And in case you’re interested in keeping your device for a more than a few years, or handing it down to a relative when you update, a detachable battery will assist you a lot better as it does not roll over and pass away one day after a long stretch of decreasing battery life. Now let’s talk about the possible features of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Possible Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

We expect to see our desires fulfilled this time, in the new Galaxy S8. The Snapdragon 830 processor reported being present in Galaxy S8 models will be excellent and no doubt the Exynos 8890 might manage it without difficulty, too. The company has made the battery to live thrice as long as it used to, but still, the fast charging methods will weaken the battery quite earlier than proposed by the company. A dilemma that could, by the way, is resolved with the introduction of a detachable battery.

A modification in design

The S8 and S8 Edge adhered extremely carefully to the design concepts of their predecessors. The design is appealing and has shown to be very successful. And there’s little doubt that the current Galaxy flagships made subtle and considerable enhancements. However, it’s time for something larger. It’s most likely that later on in 2012 Apple will execute a redesign on its iPhone 7, so a comparable relocation from Samsung appears most likely. Possibly a relocation to a full-metal body?


Possible Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

More Megapixels

A current rumor points to Samsung pooling more skill in its mobile phone camera department in pursuit of a new sensing unit, supporting in between 18 and 24 MP. We may see this sensing unit make its launching on the Galaxy Note 6. The Galaxy S7 dropped 4 MP (16 to 12) from the S6. However, a general enhancement of quality originated from dual-photodiode innovation and a larger aperture lens. What we ‘d like to see are these improvements led to a greater resolution sensing unit.

The return of the IR blaster

Appearing on the S6, however, dropped from the S6 Edge+ and continuing designs, the IR blaster permits your phone to function as a push-button control for any electronic device. With an infrared receiver, most significantly TVs. It’s been a nigh-on whole feature on phones because the Nokia 8210, so ideally we will see its return on the Galaxy S8.

Front-facing stereo speakers

A trademark of numerous new high-tech devices, such as the Huawei P9 Plus, stereo speakers offer a far more engaging audio experience when seeing videos or playing video games. The S7 and S7 Edge both cannot embrace them, however, leaving devices like the HTC 10 to take the audio mantle with its renewed BoomSound audio. Hopefully, Samsung will be involved in the race with the Galaxy S8.