Photo Gallery: Samsung Galaxy S8 Concepts

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  • A-Concept-To-Admire-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-1.jpg
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  • Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Edge-Concept-with-Removable-Battery-and-Eye-Sensing-Technology.jpg
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  • Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Edge-To-Feature-Dual-Micro-SD-Card-Slots.jpg
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Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be release in the first quarter of the next year. The pre-orders will probably take place after two days of the release. The price of Samsung Galaxy S8 would be around $850 to $900. We try to define the Samsung Galaxy S8 concepts through the picture gallery.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The forthcoming flagship by the South-Korean tech giant is going to be released on 21st of April 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concepts

According to the latest tittle-tattle, Samsung is working on a foldable and flexible smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S8 concept may feature a truly flexible and foldable design.

This speculation is quite unique and it can be considered as well, even if this is not the concept of Samsung. The popularity of Samsung Galaxy S-series has sort of shrink after the Galaxy Note 7 issue, and now introducing this innovative concept can give a new life and popularity for Samsung.