New Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date – Speculations And Updates


Samsung is in trouble these days because of Galaxy Note 7 batteries. But this would not stop Samsung to launch their next flagship next year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already expected to come with a dual edge panel, and it will be available in two screen sizes. People are curious about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 release date.

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

According to the SamMobile, It is discovered recently that Samsung Galaxy S8 is being called internally as the Dream and Dream2. Probably these codenames will be officially announced at the launching event.


The model number of ‘Dream’ smartphone is believed to be SM-G950. On the other hand, Dream2 smartphone carries SM-G955.

Interestingly, Samsung is avoiding the number ‘4’ in the model’s name because it is associated with bad luck in South Korea. They usually add 10 for the new model each year. The predecessor Galaxy S7 carried the model number SM G930. According to that Samsung Galaxy S8 should have been given the SM-G940 as the model number.

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The upcoming Galaxy S8 release date is now scheduled as 21st of April 2017.


According to the sources, Samsung is planning to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack as their rivals did in their latest edition. Samsung is also coming up with the dual-lens camera.


The storage of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. We can see Samsung introducing 256 GB storage option like their rivals did. But Samsung has the benefit of Micro SD card slot which can support up to 200 GB.


The starting price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be $900 and for Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge the price will be $1000. These prices are for 32 GB storage.

Both models 64 GB and 128 GB will cost you starting price and additionally $100 and $200 respectively.