How much will the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost? – News and Updates


The question is arising that how much will the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost? If you take into consideration the present going price for a flagship smartphone, take a look at previous Samsung prices and with a bit of logic, you could sum up an accurate response. A precise quote is all we’re going to get because Samsung has not disclosed its original price for Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 is anticipated to be the larger version of Samsung that will surely be the most costly alternative.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost?

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost?

The anticipated price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is up to $807 to $904. If we take the standard 64GB design of the Galaxy S8, you ought to be looking at investing around $200 for the smartphone on contract. The month-to-month cost could be upwards of $50. However, this depends on upon what sort of network offer you select. At full purchase, the cost of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be around $1400 if you take the beginning price and the regular monthly price over the 24-month contract into factor to consider. These numbers are of course a rough value. However, the real costs will remain in a reasonably close price range.


The announcement of many upcoming flagships in 2017 are by the innovation of eye scanner. We’ve seen this sort of innovation in mobile phones in the least fashion. With the motion of mobile payments taking off in the last few years, the Galaxy S8 eye scanner makes a lot of sense. All of us know it’s only a matter of time before the screen in all of their flagships to an actual 4K display. Sony asserts the first as seen in the launch of the Xperia Z5.

Estimated Samsung S8 Cost in Different Countries:

It is surely a million dollar question that how much will the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost?  The costs for different countries has a minor variation with the lowest price being $807 and highest being $904. Below are costs for numerous countries (all the quantity in USD).

United States$900
England (UK)$874.31
South Africa$869.72

Above are the just assumption, the real price might be biting high or low. So, if you desire the touch of latest technology, then you have to opt for Galaxy S8 from Samsung. It might be expensive but it worth the money you spend, as you will get lots of many features that will make your daily life simpler and versatile too.