Leaked Features Of Galaxy S8 – Rumors And Updates


A few of the highlighted leaked features of Galaxy S8 will be similar to that of the S7 Edge consisting of a far better eye scanner, 4K recording, incredible resilience with a more recent version of Gorilla Glass security, and a much quicker charging innovation.

Leaked Features Of Galaxy S8

The provided wired battery charger is said to be ultra fast as it will charge the phone from 0% to 100% in just over thirty minutes. Wireless charging will take a bit more time, however, to completely charge the phone in about 45 minutes will still be better than others. Other features are discussed below:


We should make sure if the Galaxy S8 will have a new design. The S7 utilized the same design that the Galaxy S6 had, and now it’s time to introduce something fresh. We may see a lighter, thinner frame with perhaps more glass than metal. There’s a high opportunity that Samsung will continue its curved Edge display screen, and we will see a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge in that case, however, this time with more functions and energy.

Leaked Features Of Galaxy S8


Display Screen

We believe that the Galaxy S8 will get a 4K display screen, and there’s a factor behind it. Virtual reality has been the emphasize of this year, and to promote its Gear VR and make the VR experience richer and more in-depth, a 4K screen will do marvels for Samsung’s appeal in the VR zone. This is why the flagship S8 may have a 4k display.

Type-C USB Port

Next, we expect the Galaxy S8 to bring a Type-C USB port. While Type-C has begun appearing on a lot of mobile phones now and gradually ending up being the standard, the Galaxy S7 still has the micro USB port. USB Type-C offers much faster charging, quicker information transfer, and the benefit of having a reversible connector.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Galaxy S7 currently has a fingerprint scanner, and the Galaxy S8 will also have it clearly. It is possible that rather of embedding it on the Home button, the S8 may get an ultrasonic fingerprint sensing unit that can be embedded on the screen itself, this getting rid of the requirement for a Home button completely.