Confirmed: Galaxy S8 Will Name Bixby Of Its AI Assistant


We already knew that Samsung would introduce its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant for the very first time. However, we were not 100% sure, whether Samsung will come with its own AI or not. The names like Kestra, Viv, and Bixby were floating around the internet. Now we should thank the Samsung’s Italian site. Now we know that Samsung Galaxy S8 will name Bixby of its AI assistant.

Galaxy S8 Will Name Bixby Of Its AI Assistant

Samsung Galaxy S8 will name Bixby of its AI assistant.

According to Galaxy Club, in the new privacy policy under the heading of ‘voice services, ’ the site mentions the Bixby by its name. We covered a story about its name, and we claimed in our story that it would be named Bixby.

We had news from our reliable sources that Samsung has applied in South Korea for the trademark of the word ‘Bixby.’ The only thing we were not sure is whether Samsung will introduce AI assistant in upcoming Galaxy S8 or not.


Now after appearing on the official website, it is confirmed that Samsung will come with AI assistant and it will be named ‘Bixby.’

However, the site does not go in deeper details, but it seems that you will be able to control the functions through voice commands.

Now we have to see if the upcoming Galaxy S8 AI assistant will convince people to use Bixby over Google Assistant.

Moreover, the earlier rumors were suggesting that there would be both male and female voices available. There is also a dedicated hardware key available on the left side of the device. It will allow you to launch the Bixby. We have seen this button on many Galaxy S8 leaked images.


We have to wait and see the response of the customers when Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 on 29th of March 2017. For now, at least we know that the Siri competitor is coming in the market.