Galaxy S8 Will Feature Samsung Gear VR


The South Korean tech giant is seemingly working on a new version of Gear VR headset hardware. It will take an idea through Google Daydream View by having a dedicated controller. The interesting thing for the Galaxy S series enthusiasts is that Galaxy S8 will feature Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality.

Samsung Gear VR Is Going To Be Introduce In Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Will Feature Samsung Gear VR

The original Gear VR function through a small touchpad controller integrated on the side of the handset. The addition of the hand-held controller will provide a better gaming experience. It can also make users interaction easy with menus. All of these things are based on Daydream View feedback, which has been mostly positive.


Twitter user Roland Quandt reveals some of the details, and he suggests that headset will come in 2017. It is possible that it may come next month in March. Maybe Samsung could introduce it during the MWC – Mobile World Congress event.

Quandt tweeted “Samsung Gear VR is coming, but it will get a different cover to hold Galaxy S8 and a single hand controller.”

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The Galaxy S8 Gear VR controller could have an integrated analog control stick and a different set of buttons. It could be similar to a console controller. Sam Mobile reports the news from renders, and it appears that controller may attach to the headset like the Daydream View.

One thing is ambiguous whether, like the Daydream View, the controller will integrate control and motion sensors. As well as through input via physical keys. The Google’s solution permits somewhat Nintendo Wii-like input in the virtual habitat, which is also seen on the HTV Vive.

It is understandable that Samsung will surely want to keep the same design, likely for backward compatibility reasons and as well as returning user familiarity.