Galaxy S8 Waterproof Feature Is Still Not Expected?


Samsung created an incredible concept when it developed the version, and the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already getting a lot of interest. With what many are calling the premium smartphone to get in 2017, we’re currently getting a lot of concerns about the possibility of a water resistant feature. Based on what we’ve heard so far, if you’re one of the one’s inquiring about Galaxy S8 waterproof feature, then you need to keep reading.

Galaxy S8 Waterproof

New rumors are out of the possibility of a Galaxy S8 waterproof feature with a greater IP rating than we’ve seen in other waterproof smartphones. Many high-end handsets have been including an IP67 rating which makes it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof which is something that was not done in previous and existing Note Edge and S Edge smartphones. We’re not sure what a greater IP score would suggest, however, can only presume it would boast more features than the IP67 rating.

Galaxy S8 Waterproof


We’ve already expected that AT&T will once again feature the bearer particular Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, which is anticipated to be made official throughout the summertime of 2017. Lots of customers searching for exceptional durability along with shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof features have fallen for the far more durable Active series.

We’ll keep you upgraded on the reports surrounding a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S8 as we want to get the verification very soon.

Other Features:

  • It is going to have 2400 mAh battery.
  • It will have 20 MP rear camera and 10 MP front with LED flashes on both side.
  • It will have 4K resolution with a 6-inch display screen.
  • It will have8 GB RAM.
  • It will have64 GB Internal Memory up to 128 GB.
  • It is going to have Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor.
  • It will have Infrared Sensor, which measures the exact body temperature of the user.
  • It is also going to have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality.
  • It will have 64-bit Exynos processor.

We were hoping to see a waterproof nearby, that we’ve seen in the uneven Active models, but this isn’t likely based on what we’ve hearing as of now.

Samsung’s new flagship is expected to be quicker with 8 GB RAM which will make it a Smartphone providing PC to your hands. Such a faster RAM will make multi-tasking much more impressive. It will have Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor which validates the outstanding rate it is going to bring for readers. The Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smartphone working on 64-bit Exynos processor. Talking more about its speed, it will have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality. Seeing such an incredible features of S8, I can ensure that it is going to be amazing and more than remarkable mobile phone in the market.