Galaxy S8 Being Waterproof – Can Samsung Get IP68 certification for Next Flagship?


Among the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 was its water-resistant chassis. So we are expecting that Samsung  Company will make the Galaxy S8 being waterproof.

Galaxy S8 Being Waterproof

IP means ‘Ingress Protection’, and it’s a scoring system created by the Electrotechnical Committee to let consumers know how water resistant and dustproof a device is. If a smartphone is IP68-certified, it can be immersed in water at a depth of 1.5 meters for as much as 30 minutes. By difference, an IP67-certified smartphone– like the Samsung Galaxy S5– is only rated to depths of one meter.

Galaxy S8 Waterproof


So how likely is it that the Galaxy S8 will be water resistant? Well, while the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S7 were friendly, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was not, which shows Samsung is willing to skip over water-proofing for design functions. But, the water-resistant Galaxy S8 was particularly popular, so it seems unlikely that Samsung will damage its winning formula excessive.

Samsung Galaxy S7– IP68
Samsung Galaxy S6– N/A
Samsung Galaxy S5– IP67
Samsung Galaxy S4 – IP67
Samsung Galaxy S4– N/A
Samsung Galaxy S3– N/A

Samsung developed a fantastic concept when it developed the Edge variation, and the upcoming release of the Galaxy S8 Edge is already getting plenty of attention. We’re now getting lots of questions on the chance of a waterproof innovation. Based on what we have been hearing up until now, if you are the one asking about a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, then you need to keep reading.

New reports are out on the possibility of a Galaxy S8 Edge being water resistant with a greater IP score than we have seen in other water resistant mobile phones. A majority of luxury handsets have been featuring an IP67 rating which makes it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof which is something that was not present in the old devices but it is present in new devices of the Note Edge and S Edge series.