Galaxy S8 News – Release Date, Price, Features and Rumors


There have been several Galaxy S8 News, and Rumors report all over the internet regarding related to the next Samsung release. According to reports, the company is presently developing the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, which is said to come out before this year ends. According to the many rumors, the majority of fans are interested in a new speculation recommending that Samsung is now starting to work on a deal with its next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 News About Its Releasing and Features

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The latest Galaxy S8 news is suggesting that the release date is now delayed and it will release on 21st of April 2017 now.

The handset is reported to come out in 2017. According to Galaxy S8 News, it will bring impressive specifications and features including a high-resolution screen. Samsung has been known to produce devices with quad HD screens for so many years now. However, as the South Korean tech giant is supposed to design new devices with 4K Ultra HD. According to Korea Herald, the company is currently working on dealing with it, and hopes are high that the future Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone to get to obtain the 4K technology innovation.



During the Show Week Conference in May in San Francisco, Samsung presented a device with a 5.5-inch 4K Ultra HD screen. According to SamMobile, a new generation of smartphones from the company may get such display. If rumors reports prove to be true, this will help the company to achieve overall dominance in the smartphone market.

At the same time, Mobipicker stated that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would bring a 5.5-inch screen with 4K ability. It is also said to work on a Snapdragon 830 from Qualcomm, in addition to Samsung’s 10 nm 6 GB DRAM design. According to tech observers, the 4K innovation will help to provide much better content for the VR feature.
Since the moment, Samsung has yet to provide solid information with regard its developments, much less its release date. However, many rumors observers that the Galaxy S8 will come out early next year. According to reports, Samsung is presently concentrating on the release of the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy 8 and S8 Edge Price

The Edge-variant Galaxy phones constantly have the tendency to cost between 5% and 10% more than their more traditional equivalents. If we understand the average price of the S7 and S6 and accept that the Galaxy S8 will cost about ₤ 599, then the Galaxy S8 Edge would be most likely available at retail at about ₤ 639. The  purely approximated price of this featured included pack is going to be around: 900$ -1000$