When To Pre-Order Galaxy S8 And How To Win Free Samsung Accessories Of Worth $170?


The South Korean tech giant’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are launched finally. Both smartphones are gorgeous that are pack with amazing hardware and exciting features. The features and specs do not surprise anyone, thanks to the bunch of leaks. The rumors proved 100% correct expect one or two things. We did not have one, and that is the Galaxy S8 price. Anyhow, the details are finally available. So, everyone is asking about when to pre-order Galaxy S8? The pre-orders are available right now and already live from 30th of March.

The Galaxy S8 Is Finally Launched – When To Pre-Order Galaxy S8?

When To Pre-Order Galaxy S8

Samsung itself is throwing away gifts if pre-order before 19th of April. So without wasting any time go to Samsung website and pre-order any model of Galaxy S8, you can get free Samsung Gear VR headset worth $130 and Motion Controller worth $40.

So it is a good deal, you are getting $170 bundle free. You cannot pre-order an unlocked Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus from Samsung website. First, you have to go to their site, and then you have to pick your carrier among Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.


Galaxy S8 Price, Storage, And Colors

Galaxy S8 Price, Storage, And Colors

The smaller Galaxy S8 will cost you $750 if you want to buy it once. You can also pre-order through monthly installments which are consist of 24 months, and one-month installment is $31.25. The Galaxy S8 Plus will cost you $840 if you can afford to buy it once. If you wish to purchase it on a monthly basis, then you have to pay $35 every month till 24 months.

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Samsung has ditched every storage option except the 64 GB. It is a good step. Now no one will be confused because of different prices of different storages. However, there is a micro SD card option as always, and it is expandable up to 256 GB.

There are three colors choices in both Galaxy S8 models, such as Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, and Orchid Gray.


If you want to pre-order, do not think about when to pre-order Galaxy S8? Do it now, don’t wait too long. Samsung free gifts are in limited quantities, and it is not a good idea to leave a free bundle of worth $170. Keep in mind that you cannot preorder unlocked Galaxy S8 right now, we will update this article when it is available.