Galaxy S8 Foldable Material; For Both Mobile and Tablet?


This April Samsung teased that it was working on Galaxy S8 Foldable Material. “We plan on mass-production and the release by discussing with our partners,” said Lee Chang-hoon, Director of Samsung’s Display department, during a conference.

So far there has been little information on how the Foldable mobile phone would work. However, Samsung has used OLED display screen in curved HDTVs, Galaxy S6 Edge, and S7 Edge cell phones. The recent announcement of the Galaxy S7 smartphone was not particularly impressive, with no significant design modifications. The intro of a Folding screen would be a major development.

Samsung-Apple Mobile Phone Fight Continues

Samsung remains to battle it out with Apple in the flagship mobile phone market. While sales of the Galaxy S7 have been active up until now, it looks as though the next major thing will be the competition between the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7.

Analysts are split about Apple will make significant design modifications to the next iPhone or not, but other rumors spread the idea of a thinner handset with a significantly enhanced camera. For many years, Samsung has wrestled away the crown of the finest smartphone camera. However, Apple may make a collective effort to take it back.

Reports are plentiful that Apple is scheduled to present an iPhone 7 Pro with an advanced dual-camera system. If that holds true, then Samsung has some work to do to show an innovation of itself that will keep pace with Apple. A folding screen smartphone-tablet will mean that numerous customers only have to purchase one device. It’s also a quite neat party trick to be unexpectedly able to extend your phone another number of inches.


 Galaxy S8 Foldable Material

Galaxy S8 Foldable Material

At this stage, nobody else has made a mobile phone with a Galaxy S8 Foldable Material, and Samsung can demonstrate its continued dedication to development if it is the first to do so. As constantly with tech reports, it can be hard to know whether the feature will make it into the production design. However, if the source is genuine, it appears that there is a good chance that it will.

Who does not like big screens, but Samsung knows that you also want it to be in your pocket. Apple may be launching a large screen iPhone, but it will still not be large enough to compare to the S8, which may become equal to an average sized cell phone when folded-up! Samsung continues to innovate and, from 2017, will release the first fully collapsible gadget on the market! Regardless of having nothing validated, who states that are sources connected straight to the Korean company, which will launch your apps on iOS. With this possibility, it appears that we have a versatile Galaxy S8 coming!

Galaxy S8 Screen Size

According to an international site GSM Arena, the devices may be available in different screen sizes, ranging between 5 to 7 inches. Other interesting information is that the company will launch in Brazil only a folding device, can act as a mobile phone or tablet. Like, folded is a mobile and opened a tablet. Can you imagine?

Before going lightening up, if this is true, the gadget will be a top of the line and will not cost inexpensive. You will have to prepare your pocket, though!