Galaxy S8 Features – Upcoming Samsung Flagship


The Galaxy S7 was well taken for Samsung previously this year, with the mobile phone representing something different in its flagship variety for the Korean Corporation. So, even more, will be anticipated for the upcoming Galaxy S8 features until the phone is released early next year, and considering Samsung’s credibility for delivering the very best in mobile phone innovation, this must be an incredibly achieved unit.

Galaxy S8 Features

Galaxy S8 Features List

Built-in Storage

Samsung has rather scrimped on the quantity of storage in the Galaxy S variety over the last couple of years, with simply 32GB of integrated storage in the base model of the smartphone. A significant division of it is taken up by the control structure, and so it would be more effective if Samsung were to significantly enhance the inherent storage.

Battery Life

The battery live of Samsung products has typically transcended to those of Apple, however, it would nonetheless be welcome for the Korean electronic devices huge to enhance the battery life of the Galaxy S8.


Could Samsung possibly be lured to shave the cost of the Galaxy S8? This would be a bold choice by the Korean maker, as undoubtedly the Galaxy S8 is a premium element of the item portfolio of the company, and its earnings margin have to be thoroughly computed.


Galaxy S8 Features List

Enhanced Speakers

The Galaxy S7 provides decent sound quality, however, its singular speaker is something of a dissatisfaction. Samsung would be well advised to guarantee that the Galaxy S8 features dual front-facing speakers, as Apple similarly expand the significance on the music-playing potential of its gadget range.

Cam Upgrades

The Galaxy S7 included a great video camera with its new dual pixel technology, however, the megapixel rating of the snapper did take a bit of a hit. Samsung fans would certainly like to see the corporation once again upgrade the megapixel capabilities of the camera in the Galaxy S8, possibly enhancing it once again to 16-megapixels.

4K Display Screen

We’re still awaiting Samsung to produce its first 4K resolution suitable smartphone, and although it is usually thought about that the Galaxy Note 6 could be this item, the Galaxy S8 could do the same next year. In particular, this would aid the virtual reality performance of the smartphone something that Samsung would plainly like to accomplish thinking about the investment it has made in the Gear VR headset.

TouchWiz Advancement

Samsung has actually considerably enhanced TouchWiz over the last number of years, but the system consisted of in this Android-driven mobile phone continues to bloat the operation of the gadget. Regular Galaxy S variety users would expect the upcoming TouchWiz could be slimmed down still further, with a fewer pre-installed approach in specific.

USB Type-C

It was preferably surprising that Samsung chose not to consist of the ingenious and cutting-edge USB Type-C innovation in the Galaxy S7, regardless of the addition in that mobile of quick charging. Numerous mobile phones have actually now done away with the small inconvenience of just having the ability to plug the recharging cable television in one method round, and hopefully, Samsung will follow this example when the Galaxy S8 is revealed and eventually launched the Galaxy S8 Features List.