Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date – Price, Features & Specs


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is dedicated to being one of 2017’s biggest and the most awaited smartphones. Here’s what we know about Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge release date, price, features, and specs.

If you are a fan of Samsung, then you should read our compiled report about Galaxy S8 Edge release date and its recent news.

Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The premium Galaxy S8 will now dub as Galaxy S8 Plus instead of Galaxy S8 Edge. Furthermore, the release date is now 21st of April 2017.

There are some new rumors that Samsung might push up the Galaxy S8 Edge release date to mid-March with the annual MWC event. It’s certain that Galaxy S8 Edge will debut at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

We’ll update you on the official announcement as soon as we get it.

Check out the specific Galaxy S8 Edge release date by country in the table below.

CountryGalaxy S8 Edge Release Date
United States2nd Week April 2017
Canada2nd Week April 2017
Germany3rd Week April 2017
France3rd Week April 2017
China1st Week April 2017
Australia3rd Week April 2017
England2nd Week April 2017

Features and Specs of Galaxy S8 Edge (Round-Up)

Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date


Gorilla Glass

The S8 Edge will include a toughened glass to make the phone more resistant to damages and improve on durability. This feature will be used on both the front and the rear end of the handset; metal frame will cover the sides for more defense.


Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will have a remarkable touch finger sensor at the home button. This features in essential when unlocking the phone and throughout the logging into mobile banking and other sites and in addition to the Samsung pay choice.

Force Touch

Samsung may integrate this terrific feature, just like 3D touch. With this feature, the handset shows various alternatives in accordance the quantity of finger pressure applied. This feature has been present in some iPhone like the 6S and has brought in numerous users. The announcement of Samsung to include this feature within a year is a clear sign that Galaxy S8 Edge will have it.

4.0 Wired and Wireless Charging

Will supply a fast charging feature; for the wired battery charger will take 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. The handset can wirelessly charge approximately 80% within a short duration of 15 minutes. This is a remarkable feature for the Galaxy users.


An ultra high resolution, which shows as much as 8 million pixels and the resolution never, goes below 3840 x 2160 pixels.

4000 mAh Battery

It’s a powerful battery that can fully support the flagship for two days; a battery that can not be eliminated might be utilized in this flagship.

Internal Storage

The Galaxy S8 will feature 32, 64, 128 and 256GB of storage and a slot for the SD card will exist for the memory upgrade, all at different prices ranging between $800 to $ 1200 roughly. The S8 will make use of UFS memory to provide the appropriate speed for reading and writing of approximately 500MBPS.

Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

It will use Type C USB port, which allows the transmission of information to be quicker.

The handset will be readily available in the market in four different colors Green, Black, Gold, and White.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will have a 3.2 GHz processor. The display screen will be 5.3 inches with a display screen resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

It will have a front and a back camera with 8.1 Megapixels and 28 Megapixels respectively. The camera will have facial recognition ability, simple geo category and with an automobile laser focus.

The Galaxy S8 Edge will use an Android operating system which will work with the latest HTML and Bluetooth 5.0. Despite the combination of the above terrific features, the Galaxy S8 will not be water resistant.